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Saddam's Trial - Will There Be A Public Execution? Huh, Will There?

Reported by Donna - October 18, 2005

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today he spoke with Judge Andrew Napolitano regarding the start of the Saddam Hussein trial tomorrow. Smith reported, "Lots of people out there are worried he won't get a fair trial. (The emphasis is for a strange, slightly falsetto or talking to a baby, sounding voice that Smith used when saying these words)

As Smith was speaking with Napolitano he once again repeated and expanded, "There seems to e some, a great deal of concern, especially among the European media that poor, little, Saddam Hussein isn't gonna get a fair trial. You know, I stay up nights worrying about this."

Sarcasm and the obvious diss on European media aside, the discussion continued around Hussein going on trial tomorrow and that there probably wouldn't be any testimony tomorrow, only oral arguments on motions. This trial will center around a 1982 crime where Hussein is accused of wiping out a village of 150 people, retribution for two of it's citizens trying to assasinate him.

The conversation centered around sensationalism, if found guilty, Iraqi law says they must execute him within 30 days. Will they? No one knows for sure if they will let him stand trial for the other crimes but Napolitano said that if they go by the law, indications are that they will execute him within 30 days. Will there be a public execution? Napolitano said this has not been decided, but again indications are that they will have a public execution. Smith seemed excited at this point saying maybe it would be "inside the tv box." Napolitano said it could.
Smith, at this point said he had been very bored with this trial, but now he was excited.

Comments: Not a very professional segment on Studio B. The sarcasm for the European media was noticeable and the excitement for a televised public execution was palpable. With CNN and MSNBC using much of their air time today to the traitorgate/Valerie Plame leak story it was very apparent that it was missing from Studio B.

With things heating up with a Grand Jury getting ready to wrap up in the traitorgate scandal, Studio B managed again not to mention the story, preferring instead to drum up excitement for the upcoming Saddam Hussein trial. Fox will be broadcasting some of it, Napolitano announced, it will begin live at 3:30 a.m. tomorrow. But don't get too excited, Napolitano said that the defense will probably get a couple of weeks postponement.

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