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John Gibson: Why are the Dutch so angry?

Reported by Deborah - October 18, 2005

John Gibson's My Word segment, 9/29/05, has gotten him into a lot of trouble with the Dutch and he claims he has no idea why they might be offended. If Gibson honestly doesn't understand what was offensive about his commentary he is probably missing some important emotional components associated with basic humanity. Now he's getting an angry response and he addressed it tonight on Big Story. 10/18/05

Here's how Gibson introduced the situation to viewers tonight.

A few weeks ago, I wrote what I thought would be a completely inane but amusing ditty of a My Word about the fact that a Dutchman got to marry two women explains why Joran van der Sloot is not in jail.

In fact, the original commentary was not inane or amusing because Gibson was obviously ridiculing the Dutch and snidely indicating that they were unconventional especially in legal and sexual areas. After viewing this commentary on 9/29, the nasty tone and anger was quite pronounced. Tonight during My Word, Gibson should have apologized for his insensitivity but instead he blamed the people of Holland for the problem and then went on to insult them again.

And I say, "Ok, fine." But how come the emigration trends for Holland show 100,000 Dutch leave every year and are replaced by 100,000 Muslims. And could this be part of why filmmaker Theo van Gogh was killed on the street by an angry Dutch Muslim who actually left a hit list on van Gogh's body, pinned to his chest by the knife that killed him? Is this the kind of attitude that got Dutch lawmaker Pym Fortuyn killed on the street by an angry Dutchman?

comment: John Gibson needs either intensive therapy or someone to create and write his commentary.

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