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Wotta Pair: Bernie Kerik & David Gergen "Analyze" What's Going on in Iraq

Reported by Nancy - October 17, 2005 -

During the last hour of FNL today (10/17), thee trotted out that old standby -- the "Happy Iraq" routine. Unfortunately for Bill Hemmer, his guests weren't as optimistic as FNL was trying to be. One guest, David Gergen, in the process of praising US troops in Iraq, repeated the lie that Vietnam veterans were "treated shabbily" upon returning home.

Here are the segments related to Iraq & the recent vote on the new Iraqi Constitution:

12:00pm (ET) - in the midst of an upbeat report by Bret Baier about the vote on the Iraqi Constitution, with the obligatory clip of Bush. Baier eventually mentioned that US forces killed 70 in Ramadi & added that local sources are saying that 40 of those were civilians; Baier then showed a clip of a US military guy bragging about how they "killed or captured" a lot of "them."

12:26pm - teasers included: "US troops targeting terrorists" in Iraq [note: this was not mentioned again]

12:29pm - teasers included: Iraq Constitution vote

12:31pm - Hemmer showed a map of Iraqi provinces that identified where Sunnis & Kurds "came out in big numbers" for the vote. He then interviewed Bernard Kerik (former NYC police chief). Hemmer opened by asking "will the violence drop down?" Kerik said "Honestly, Bill, I don't think so." Kerik then blathered on for a while about security & training Iraqi forces.

12:35pm - Hemmer interviewed David Gergen ("former presidential adviser") about what the White House reaction is to the Iraqi vote. Gergen noted differences between now & previous 'milestones' [my word, not his] & said the current approach is to "dampen expectations" that there will be a "miracle" any time soon. He mentioned a "Knight-Ridder report" that, according to him, said the "new Iraqi army is basically a Shiite militia killing Sunnis." After some speculation about whether Iraq might split into 3 areas (Sunni, Shiite, Kurd), Hemmer asked "Is it a bad thing for Iraq to be divided into 3 parts?" Gergen - "It would not be in our interest.". Both Hemmer & Gergen went into a "support our troops" routine, with Gergen summing up thus: "Thank God they're being treated with respect ... not like the Vietnam veterans who were treated so shabbily/"

12:59pm - For the email-from-viewers segment ("Because You Asked"), Hemmer continued the paean of praise for US troops, then announced the today's question was FROM him & TO US troops stationed in Iraq: " ... what do you want America to know?" Hemmer promised to read, later in the week, any emails he gets from active duty personnel.


In addition to being a former NYC police chief, Kerik is also a failed nominee to head Homeland Security -- although Hemmer didn't mention the latter. Hemmer also didn't mention that Kerik heads up his own security consulting firm, so has a vested interest in spreading doom & gloom.Those who are unfamiliar with Kerik's scandal-ridden background may be interested in some of our earlier posts about how Fox spun events last September, when he had to withdraw as the nominee to head Homeland Security, & about some of the many skeletons in his closet.

Hemmer also didn't mention that Gergen is a professor of public service at that bastion of elitist liberals, Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. For an example of Gergern's previous analysis of events in Iraq, there's this.

As for Gergen's last statement about Viet Vets being "treated shabbily" -- that myth has been debunked repeatedly. How entirely typical that the ones who love to repeat this lie are the same folks who are just fine with the current administration slashing veteran's benefits, cutting their health care, & generally gutting VA programs across the board -- never mind how they're abusing active duty troops.

FNL has devised an unfortunate banner to display during the "Because You Asked" segment. It reads: "BYA Because You Asked." I'm beginning to think the more correct name would be "CYA." Hemmer's promise to read emails from active duty troops is like Bush's teleconference redux.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's "Happy Iraq" scenario). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.