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Anti-Military, Pro-Bush Spin on FNL

Reported by Nancy - October 14, 2005 -

Today (10/14) was a fortunately/unfortunately day for me monitoring FNL. Fortunately, the noon hour, anchored by Bill Hemmer, included some actual hard news (Greg Palkot in Pakistan on the aftermath of the earthquake there). Unfortunately, it also included some real fluff (an ALERT to announce that a middle school in Miami FL had been evacuated, immediately followed by another ALERT to report that the evacuatio had been "downgraded" & only 5 people were affected). Fortunately, the fluff level continues to decrease as compared to what they used to dump on Rick Folbaum when he covered Fridays for David Asman. Unfortunately, there was also the usual spin ("fallout at the Pentagon" over Bush's teleconference with soldiers). The spin was the most interesting, because in order to make it pro-Bush, they had to bash the Pentagon &, indirectly, the US troops forced to participate in Bush's latest PR stunt.

Here's the spin:

12:16pm (EDT) - Bret Baier at the Pentagon reported that "there was a run-through" before Bush's teleconference with US troops in Iraq, with Alison Barber playing the role of POTUS & asking questions while soldiers "went through their answers" with the result that the teleconference "appeared scripted" & "was definitely rehearsed." Baier wrote this off to a "perception issue" & read from Larry DiRita's official statement ("... no one intended to tell them [the soldiers] what to think or how to express themselves ... "). As if this weren't bad enough, Hemmer followed up by asking it the "brass" were "ticked off bec they think it puts soldiers in a bad light" -- an assertion with which Baier agreed. Hemmer then asked "Was anyone told what to say or how to say it?" Baier repeated that the troops "came up with their own answers, they wrote them down." Hemmer summed this all up as a "slight embarrassment for the Pentagon."

Comment: The scripting & rehearsal didn't make the troops or the Pentagon look bad. The scripting & rehearsal made Bush look bad -- as always, & as everyone knows, he can't cope with an unscripted situation. No one with a functional brain would blame the soldiers for following orders & participating in a Bush administration PR stunt. There's only one thing for the Pentagon to be embarrased about: their Commander-in-Chief.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (anti-military, pro-Bush spin). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.