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Mailbox Funnies - "USAiryways" Edition

Reported by Nancy - October 10, 2005 -

Let's start the week off with a bang, with a new collection of our mis-directed emails. Since the last time I posted a similar collection, our inbox has been relatively quiet in terms of misdirected emails, but they never really stop. If anything, the writers are getting more, not less, verbose. Apparently they've not quite grasped the "brevity is the soul of wit" concept. Here is the latest batch, including one who wonders why his/her emails to Fox are never publicized. As usual, identifying info has been deleted to protect the ignorant. Enjoy!


Subject: 10-8-05 Heartland show
I was very disturbed about the way John Kasich talked to the Senator who was trying to wake our country up and obviously the world as to the events of the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes,  which are called Acts of God, at least in insurance claims!  Now John doesn't want to face that perhaps God may be trying to get our attention.  Take Job, a righteous man in God's eyes but look at the terrible catastrophes that happened to him relating to the weather!  How about Noah!  It does say in the Bible that as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of God returns.  The Bible gives us great hope for all those who are in Christ, having recieved Him as their personal Saviour will be caught up with Him when He comes in the air.  It's called the Rapture, the blessed hope.  True Christians try to share this with everyone of all faiths, color, denominations as we care about people.  That's love. 
John said God weeps over the disasters,   I think God weeps over what people are doing like killing babies which He forbids in His Word or homosexuals being permitted as the way to go when God says one man for one woman.  Not one man for one man.  It would cut down on the population when God  said go and repopulate the earth after the flood.l  Also I think God weeps when he see these people, pedaphiles raping little babies, children like what is going on today.  Murder, rape, violence, sounds like the days of Noah to me!  I don't hear too many of these people that are practicing these sins crying over all the millions of babies that have been murdered since Roe versus Wade.  What happen to the oath the doctors took to preserve lives.  How can the Supreme Court decide life and death when doctors take an oath to preserve life.  What about the murders, parents who have had their daughters, sons taken some even out their homes, suffering knowing they will never hold their loved ones in their arms here again.  Yes, God does weep when we weep is also angry over sin like this.  Especially when their is more concern for the criminals than the victims and their families!  Capital punishment is only doing what God says, whoso sheddeth man's blood by him shall his blood be shed!   Seems to me that would fit the crime.  It certainly would deter it as the criminal wouldn't be able to do it again.
 Our freedoms are being taken away and time is short so I think people should wake up to what it happening in our nation and all over the world.  Our country use to be worth fighting for now we have people like Kerry, Kennedy, Boxer and the other liberals who want their way and would hand our nation over to our enemies.  What on earth is happening .  Pretty extreme to me.  While I have the chance to voice my opinions I will do so!
And I thank the boys who are giving their lives for the likes of us who should be standing behind them like in the other wars, united!   I'm a sinner like all of us and only because of receiving Christ as my Saviour do I have the fear of death taken away.  So whether we live or die as a Christian, Christ has taken away the sting of death when he died on the Cross, rose again and paid for the sins of the whole world.  I don't know anyone else who was eligible to do that but the only begotten Son of God. 
 Please John study your Bible look at what happen to countries that turned their back on God. He even uses other nations to work out His plan and punish those who practice sin as a life style.  We should weep over the things that are going on and hopefully repent and turn to God.  He says If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and  pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked way, I will hear them and heal their land. Sounds reasonable to me.  

Subject: USAiryways Pilot charged with extortion for sex
Bill, Can you find out if *** *** a commercial airline Pilot is still flying for USAirways. Maybe he switched to Delta. My attorney notified the FAA as be broke many of the code of conduct laws a Pilot has to abide by.I am the Victim of his crimes of identity theft, extortion, and harrassment.I believe he is flying right now. My name is never mentioned in the papers or on the news and would like to keep it that way. Bill, This commercial Pilot made pornographic CD's of me which he said would never be shown to anyone. The CD's were placed on the winshields of the Church I was going to. Is that a hate crime? The DA I believe has not taken this case seriously. Please find out....thank You

Subject: (no subject)

Subject: Dear Porn Website Owner
The following statement is not a comment but a plea.
I fully accept that in today's world and culture, your website is perfectly understandable. Nudity, sexual freedom and sexual expression are an expression of what is free about our society.
It is my duty to inform you however that your freedom to express sexual licence is borne out of a justification to commit a vile and hideous act against the Creator, the Lord God Almighty, who gave us our bodies to be a temple. A temple so that He may enter our immortal soul in all of His Holiness, to nourish and feed our soul with all of His infinite Love and Wisdom.
Your website allows men and women, God's creation, to abuse this freedom that God gave us for His particular ends, namely that we may live and abide in Him through all eternity, for our most gracious joy and fulfillment. But, most sadly, your website shows God's creation in the clutches and grips of the dark Deceiver, Satan himself, who tempts the human heart to pleasure in his rejection of the true course of love that resides in mercy, compassion and self-sacrifice. He wishes to deceive all of creation into believing that the Cross of Christ, that great salvific act of God's Son to redeem humanity from sin, is somehow to be seen as a scandal or as against the true glory of Man and of Woman. And yet the real irony is his deception, for it leads not to ultimate pleasure or to man's glory; but to our eternal damnation, in the unbearable torments of eternal hell having lost sight of the illuminating beauty of God's light here on earth. Yes, hell is the place where there is everlasting suffering wherein lies the absolute absence of hope, whereas Christ offers us to accept our real and daily lives with all the hardships that life entails, the true and real hope of eternal life, that His sacrifice gained for you and for all humanity.
May you, through the intercession of Mary, the Mother of God, and all of the Saints and the Heavenly choir of angels, change your perception and see your glory beyond this life, as residing in God and in Heaven and ask you to mend your ways and seek God's full grace and repentence. May you not only change your ways but also seek all the men and women who parade their sinfullness before God on your site, to also mend their ways and bow and worship the one and only true God of Heaven and Earth, in all of his Beauty, Love and Holiness, from whom flourishes true goodness and happiness.
May Satan be damned and may all of his Principalities be damned with him. Adonmonish him from your heart and renew your life in the real freedom of the God who made you and who fashioned all things that reside in the Universe, for the sole and singular purpose of attaining His adoration.
Yours truly, A Friend

Subject: (no subject)
het sean, thank-you for being the only one to take a strong stand against the looterers/thieves/predatory animals, that are preying on their defenseless neighbors in my hometown of n.o.- they are not desparate and starving - they are scumbags- giving the minority of good people in n. o. a bad name!!!!

Subject: TO: Bill OR'eilly
Bill, it was great to see you go mano a mano with that old liberal has-been Phil Donohue. You really cleaned his clock. I would liked to see Cindy Sheean, Shawn Penn and other blowhards stand up and try to defeat you're logic. Thanks for looking out for us! Our cause is just and we are destroying the axis of evil one country at a time.
*** in Dallas

Subject: What is the Democrat Party solution
Dear Mr. O'Reilly:
As a Democrat I don't agree with many of President Bush's domestic policies but there is no domestic issue more dangerous to our country than the World Terrorist Movement.
After 9/11 President Bush, recognized the catastrophic danger of the World Terrorist movement and the need to destroy their infrastructure.
From that time on all my Democrat Party could do was foul mouth President Bush for any action he took in that direction. Until my Democrat Party offers an alternative plan to destroy the terrorist movement, I will vote for President Bush and be ashamed of my party's negative rhetoric. 
*** ***
New York, NY *****
Subject: (no subject)