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Karl Rove to Testify in the Traitorgate Case Again? Fox Yawns & Shrugs & Lies

Reported by Melanie - October 10, 2005

If I got all my news from Your World w/Neil Cavuto, I would have no understanding of what the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame/Traitorgate case is about (and don't tell me that's because Cavuto's program is about business, which it ain't). In the year I have covered Your World, there has been almost no mention of the case; no on-going short reports that I could piece together over time to paint a picture of what is happening. So, my ears perked up today when, at the end of a report about Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers, substitute host Terry Keenan asked Fox's Washington, D.C. reporter, Jim Angle, about Karl Rove.

Assume you have no good understanding of what's going on and then notice how void of information Keenan's question is: "And Jim, quickly changing gears here, to Karl Rove. He'll be making his fourth appearance before the grand jury probably later this week. What's the latest buzz, because that's pretty much all we have is rumor and innuendo coming out of those proceedings. But what's the latest buzz?"

What grand jury? What is it investigating? Angle doesn't say: "He had offered to go back to the grand jury after the testimony by Matt Cooper and was taken up on that. Some reports say he was summoned, as if he had never offered to do so. He offered to go back before the grand jury. And, there are, always, when you're talking about recollections that are two or three years old, there are going to be differing accounts... There are differing accounts, each of the individuals have had differing accounts from time to time... Judy Miller now has a new account that she has found in her notes... Things that old -- people often eventually recover things -- notes, references, even memories... And that's why he's going back and why others may go as well." (Angle's emphasis.)

Comment: Goodness! While we may not know what the grand jury's investigating, we definitely know Rove offered to testify again. What a good guy he must be, right? Angle reports as fact that, "each of the individuals have had differing accounts from time to time." How does he know that? He doesn't of course, but sneaking in that sweeping lie makes Rove's return trip look routine and no different than what "each" of the others have done. Finally, the way Angle downplays "differing accounts" and minimizes how people "eventually recover things," is amazing. If, say, Bill Clinton gave "differing accounts," because he "eventually recover[ed] things," he'd be tried and convicted on the spot.

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