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Happy National Porn Sunday!

Reported by Nancy - October 9, 2005 -

Last week (10/5) on FNL there was a brief mention of this, but they never got to the actual story & I filed it under Department of Stuff-You-Couldn't-Make-Up-If-You-Tried. But it turns out that today really is "National Porn Sunday" -- organized & promoted by Craig Gross, a CA pastor who in 2002 co-founded xxxchurch.com, which he calls “the #1 Christian porn site.”

The "church" is web-based & is heavily promoting this "event." The focus of Porn Sunday is allegedly to get churches talking about the issue of pornography & sexual addictions.

According to an article, "Churches Will Tackle Pornography Problem with 'Porn Sunday' " in the Winston-Salem Journal,

Sixty-five churches across the country - and seven internationally - have signed up, said Jay Pesek, the coordinator of the event, adding that between 800 and 1,000 more churches have said they will hold their own "Porn Sundays" at a later date. Participating churches, which pay $2,500 for the complete "Porn Sunday" kit, will show a brief video on pornography, and then deal with the issue through preaching, testimonials or prayer. Congregants will be invited back for an evening screening of Missionary Positions, a movie-length documentary about the XXXChurch.com's outreach to pornography consumers and those who work in the pornography industry. ... According to a 2005 study by Christianity Today, 57 percent of pastors said that addiction to pornography is "the most sexually damaging issue" affecting their congregations.

Comments: Isn't this funnier than the "Sunday Funnies" or "Sunday Unfunnies" I usually post?

NOTE: Readers, I know this topic just begs for over-the-top, outrageous commentary. But do me a favor & don't get so carried away that I end up deleting your comments for explicit vulgarity & obscenity. Thanks.