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New Cure for Bird Flu -- Send in the Marines

Reported by Judy - October 8, 2005

Can bird flu do to the United States what the war on terror so far has not? Can it turn our democracy into a military police state? Sometimes I think that's what Fox News really wants. Neil Cavuto certainly implied as much on Cavuto on Business on Saturday (Oct. 8, 2005).

Cavuto centered the show around the premise that bird flu could be coming to the United States in a few weeks and asked whether the nation was prepared. The panelists chewed on that topic for awhile before Greg Hymowitz from Entrust Capital, the show's token liberal, woke up and asked, "Why was the question, this thing could happen in a couple weeks? Where does that come from? I still think the experts say this thing hasn't mutated to the extent that it can spread from human to human."

Cavuto must hate it when even his panelists won't swallow the flimsy premise for his show, but Hymowitz's astute observation failed to slow the momentum of the discussion. The nation is not prepared with enough hospital beds or vacines, said panelist Jim Rogers.

Cavuto to the rescue -- the nation should bring in the military because they are well-trained for emergencies and because George Bush suggested it in his plan for bird flu preparedness. "In a state of emergency, wouldn't you trust the military more than some local official?" he asked.

After noting that the U.S. military is already over-extended, Rogers asked why the military should be called in: "To give us shots? To put us in bed?"

Replied Cavuto: "To clear you out of town. To walk into your palatial estate and say, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, go."

Rogers may be a conservative, but he wasn't ready to march behind Bush on this one. "Absolutely not. I'll make that decision. The military isn't going to come into my home. This is America. This isn't Nazi Germany."

Panelist Meredith Whitney bailed out Cavuto, who was clearly taken aback by Roger's reaction. "The U.S. military has shown time and time again that actually it is the best trained outfit to help us in a time of crisis and is brought in when we most need them."

If Fox News can just scare us a little more, why, we'll be begging for the military to be brought in. The war on terror hasn't done it, phony terror alerts haven't done it, illegal immigration hasn't done it. Let's try bird flu. The military can save us from bird flu.

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