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Christopher Shays Shills for Bush on Dayside

Reported by Janie - October 7, 2005

Yesterday (10/6) on Dayside, hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick invited Congressman Christopher Shays (R - CT) on to the program for reaction to Bush's speech, made earlier in the day.

The interview was kept short, and Shay had this to say: "We've trained hundreds of thousands of Iraqi security forces, and all they need now is experience."

Comment: That's a little different from what the Pentagon has been reporting. Just last week they reported that rather than having 3 Iraqi units ready to fight, there is actually only 1. It also doesn't help that out of these "hundreds of thousands of Iraqi security forces" Shays claims we've trained over the last few years, a large number are insurgents that have infiltrated the security forces, or those that we've trained have defected and began fighting along side the insurgents.

Shays continued: "I wanted him to remind people that there's going to be an election next week, and put a little more emphasis on that. That election may have 70 – 80% of the Iraqis come out and vote. And I think it's important to note even if they vote down their Constitution, they did it through democratic means and they will then come in December to vote for a new assembly to either, if they've passed their Constitution to create their new government under new the Constitution, or to create an assembly that will create a new government. Either way, it's a huge win."

Comment: What a rosy, yet disconnected picture Shays paints for the audience. And he has proven it's possible to spin what the word "win" actually means. He claims that even if the Iraqi Constitution is voted down, it's still a win because they did it in a "democratic" way. Yeah, well, that also means that the entire process we and the Iraqis have been enduring for the last two years will have to start over from scratch and who knows how long that means our soldiers will have to continue to fight and die in Iraq. That does not sound like a win to me.

Shays also claims that if the Constitution does pass we can pat ourselves on the back. What exactly for? Putting into power another Islamic regime, where many people will lose the rights they had before the invasion. That also, does not sound like a win to me.

The segment ended there, and the hosts of the show did not question any of the information Shays gave to the audience. The audience was left believing everything that Shays said, and Fox once again promoted the Republican Party line.

Side note: Thrown into the show with absolutely no discussion, immediately prior to a commercial break, was a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll. The question asked whether or not George Bush understands the needs of average Americans. However, the results of this poll were very interesting, 45% of respondents said yes, but 51% said no. It seems even the tide is turning among those Fox chooses to poll.

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