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Juliet Huddy Inserts Foot in Mouth, Once Again

Reported by Janie - October 5, 2005

Alright, I've had enough. It's time to say it: Juliet Huddy is a complete idiot.

I've written more than a few articles on the lack of journalism skills possessed by Huddy, and I've written more than a few articles on the fact that she simply just does not know what she's talking about. Yesterday (10/4) was another prime example.

One of the topics discussed on Dayside yesterday was the Supreme Court's decision not to hear the Colorado case that was overturned by the local courts because the jurors decided to make their verdict based on the Bible. More on the court case can be read here.

However, during the segment, Huddy questioned Don Quick, District Attorney from Adams County, Colorado. She stated: "Don, I've got to ask you a question though. These people went home to their hotel rooms, they were sequestered and they had bibles in the hotel rooms. The Bible is something that is part of the fabric of life.

Comment: Where exactly was this question she wished to ask? I cannot believe how ignorant these statements were. Simply because there are Bibles in hotel rooms, does not mean that they should be allowed to be used in a court of law. We have our own rule of American law for precisely that reason. Not everyone follows the Bible, so why should they be punished by a rule of law they may not believe in, or didn't sign up for? She then finishes her statement by saying: "The Bible is something that is part of the fabric of life." Really? Try telling that to the vast number of Jews, Muslims, and every other form of non-Christian that lives throughout our country. The Bible that Huddy is referring to does not make up the fabric of THEIR life necessarily. It's simply frightening that this woman is attempting to explain the world to her viewers, when not only does she not understand her job, she doesn't understand the world around her or the very own country she lives in.

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