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"Conservative Outrage over Miers Nomination"

Reported by Chrish - October 5, 2005 -

Crook week continued on FOX as "syndicated radio talk show host" G. Gordon Liddy appeared with Democratic strategist Bob Beckel on The Big Story today 10/04/05. The chyron below announced "Conservative Outrage over Miers Nomination" for much of the segment, driving the point home to viewers that she is not conservative enough.

Gibson mentioned that Bill Kristol is "dismayed, demoralized" and Pat Buchanan is upset, and asked Liddy why are conservatives so upset? Liddy got a hearty laugh when he opined that liberals would be as upset as conservatives are if Clinton had nominated him to the Supreme Court. Liddy says Bush had the opportunity to go with "first-rate talent like Janice Rogers Brown, or Priscilla Owen" and while he's sure Miers is a woman of sterling character, what they're learning about her does not inspire confidence. She is favorably disposed to homosexual adoption and to women in combat, and not the strongest conservative, by far, that he could have nominated.

Comment: I do think the farthest right believes this, that she is not conservative enough, but anyone left of Atilla the Hun will not do for them. Fox is using these extremists to position Miers as a moderate on the one hand while on the other her staunch conservative credentials are being heralded.

Beckel said he was listening to conservative talk radio today and people were saying they wanted her asked a lot of questions and wanted to look hard at her, know everything there is to know about her. He pointed out that when Democrats took the same stance on John Roberts, they were "damned and not patriotic".

Liddy said that there was a small portion of his radio listeners today who are implacably opposed, calling her a liberal and another Souter. Most, however, are troubled by what they've learned already but are taking a wait and see attitude. He doesn't expect much to be learned at the hearings, citing the "Ginsburg Rule", but warns there will be a lot of digging by Republicans as well as well as Democrats.

Comment: When Democrats tried to get the White House to release documents on John Roberts they were accused of going on a "fishing expedition." We can predict that conservatives "digging" for dirt on Miers will be fulfilling their Constitutional duty. The UporDownVote people must be having fits.