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John Gibson: Liberals Don't Want Black People To Think About Abortion

Reported by Deborah - September 30, 2005

It's hard to imagine what John Gibson was thinking when he composed his My Word segment about Bill Bennett's disgraceful comment about reducing crime by aborting black babies. After spending two segments trying to unsuccessfully defend Bennett's intentions, Gibson offered an analysis that was both bizarre and racially insensitive trying to explain why " liberals don't want black people to think about abortion."

Ken Mehlman was first to weigh in and Gibson tried to take some of the heat off Bennett by putting him into a group of recent Republican misteps asking Mehlman if Democrats were going to try to take advantage of the situation. Mehlman called Bennett's comment outrageous adding that putting it on top of DeLay, Frist and the breakdown in New Orleans does give Democrats an opportunity. Gibson trying to turn things around asking Mehlman if Democrats were going to make a mistake again by concentrating on the negative without offering any positive alternative.

When Ed Rollins came on, Gibson said, " Democrats are jumping on him (Bennett) like a trampoline." Rollins was not able to offer any defense for Bennett outside of declaring their friendship and confirming Bennett's opposition to abortion. Gibson asked Rollins how Republicans can regroup and Rollins could only offer, "We are in trouble period."

Gibson launched into his commentary stating that Bennett is opposed to all abortion and Conyers is trying to say that Bennett wants to abort African American babies. Gibson called the situation the "biggest gotcha moment" allowing Conservatives to be smeared along with Bennett.

Gibson claimed that 10 million African American babies have been aborted so if Black people thought about abortion, they would realize that it has diminished their numbers. Gibson continued that Black leaders might think about "the meteoric rise of the hispanic population" and consider how the missing 10 million babies might have made a difference. According to Gibson, that's why liberals don't want black people to think about abortion.

Comment: What can be said about Gibson's twisted logic and unconscious racism? Does he understand the insanity of his commentary that he confidentally spewed out to an international audience. Or maybe, he cares more about blaming liberals for his conservative colleague's disgusting behavior than he does about appearing socially aware and reasonably intelligent.

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