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Is This A Spoof? We Report, You Opine

Reported by Nancy - September 30, 2005 -

Regular readers know that I periodically post collections of our hate mail & of the emails we get that are obviously intended for someone else. Well, we recently received an email that doesn't quite fit either category, although it's ostensibly addressed to Bill O'Reilly. We News Hounds can't agree on the writer's motives, so we invite readers to weigh in with their theories.

This email was addressed only to us -- there's no way to tell if it's a copy of something that really was sent to O'Reilly or if the writer thought he could contact O'Reilly through our website.

Subject: Bill O'Reilly Saved Our Son's everlasting life

My son was fast becoming a sexual pervert but I think I've stopped his descent into Hell and it's all thanks to you Bill!  I put up two photograhs on his filthy bedroom wall: one was of GW Bush and the other was of you Bill. I told him that he had a choice: "Stop masturbating and be born again like GW Bush or carry on pumping away and end up looking like Bill O'Reilly." Your photograph has had an immediate effect on our perverted son. It is still early days but my wife says that the number of stiffened and soiled Kleenex she finds in the boy's room have decreased sharply since he became terrified by the sight of your leering, syphilitic face staring moronically from the wall at him whilst he did his loathsome deed on his bed.  I told him that self-abusers go to Hell and he now knows that as George W Bush never masturbated in his life God granted George an heroic and brave face. My son now has constant nightmares about O'Reilly-shaped dildoes that laugh and sneer at him but that's a small price to pay for eternal life. With the help of God's wrath, Bill's photo and our Tough Love we will save our son's eternal soul or kill him in the process.

If your photograph succeeds in putting our boy off the sin of self-abuse could I start marketing your image to sell to other worried Christian parents? Would you want a piece of the action? Let me know Bill.

I believe God wants you to become the 21st Century Poster Boy who saw for himself the downside of the deadly sin of  self-abuse.

So, readers, whaddaya think? Is this a copy of an email actually sent to O'Reilly? Just someone trying to be funny? Possibly someone just trying to get included in one of our collections?

NOTE: Please don't use the content of the email as an excuse for more of the same. Thanks.