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Mike Straka Believes All Demonstrators are "Jobless"

Reported by Janie - September 27, 2005

While I was perusing Foxnews.com today, I noticed regular "Grrrr" columnist Mike Straka had a new column out. While I usually read this column for the laughs it sometimes provides, today's column proved that he's just another Fox News, right-wing, pundit.

His latest entry was discussing the protest that took place this past Saturday in DC.

First he treated the entire event as it was a protest over nothing, and didn't even mention that it was an anti-war protest. He referred to it as a protest for everything "From stem cell research advocates to Cindy Sheehan sympathizers." He belittled the entire march by stating: "A lot of these people would join a rally against Dr. Suess if "Sam I Am" actually ate his green eggs and ham earlier in the book."

Comment: Sorry Mike, but I think an illegal war might be just a little more important than what a children's book character did or did not do. But keep reading, you might eventually get to the part where Sam does eat the green eggs and ham.

He then went on to not just belittle the cause, but to belittle the protesters themselves. "...it was just what the doctor ordered for a bunch of anxious, ready-to-protest-just-about-anything, jobless folks — err, demonstrators", and "Of course, the right to demonstrate against one's government is the mark of a true democracy. Unfortunately for my nasal passages and sense of smell, most of the demonstrators feel that the mark of a true democracy is the right not to bathe."

Comment: JOBLESS? Is this man insane? A person going to an anti-war demonstration automatically has no job? I dare him to say that to the nuns and business people that were in attendance, along with the parents demonstrating that had lost their children to the war. After that initial disgusting insult, he sunk to the level of a 4 year old by saying the protesters are 'stinky'.

Of course Straka's columns are intended to be humorous, but this was just a plain partisan attack, aimed at taking credibility away from the majority of Americans that do not believe in the war.

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