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Michael Brown Channels Rummy: You Cope With Disaster With the Resources You've Got

Reported by Nancy - September 27, 2005 -

But you wouldn't know that if you watched Fox News Live today (9/27), because although Bill Hemmer was back in the studio, the coverage was no improvement -- just more of the same old, same old FNL pattern. During the 11:00am (EDT) hour, FNL chose not to show live uninterrupted coverage of Brown's testimony, but to go with short blurbs about miscellany like a "massive manhunt" & mini-interviews with the typical guests, During the noon hour, the coverage was nearly all focussed on Bush. There were multiple teasers about Bush "touring" the region (labelled "HURRICANE TOUR") & about Brown testifying --but, as usual, there was little substance behind those teasers. For eye candy, that FNL staple, there was video of a bridge being blown up.

Here's how many times Bush & his tour were mentioned during the last hour or so:
11:58am - Hemmer read "tops" including: Brown testifies; Bush
12:10pm - Hemmer talked about "low-lying areas" that Bush will see today, then segued into the appointment of a federal czar to coordinate reconstruction & Bush's recommendation that consumers conserve energy
12:11pm - Todd Connor in Beaumont TX essentially repeated his earlier report on Bush
12:13pm - Hemmer announced that they're waiting for video of Bush
12:15pm - Todd Connor killed some time talking about winds in Beaumont knocking down trees & damaging homes; FNL finally got video of Bush walking around Beaumont & showed that for 2 minutes, then Hemmer recapped what Bush had said & gave Bush's itinierary
12:20pm - Hemmer interviewed Richard Wolffe (Newsweek) about Bush's tour & Brown's testimony, while FNL continued to show video of Bush in Beaumont
12:23pm - teasers included: Bush tour
12:27pm - Hemmer read "tops": Bush in TX
12:28pm - Uma Pemmaraju read headlines: #1: Bush touring TX
12:29pm - Dan Springer in Lake Charles LA reported that Bush will visit there later today
12:36pm - Hemmer said that Bush is "urging Americans to conserve" energy, then interviewed Dagen McDowell (Fox reporter) about whether "Americans have the will to do this" -- when Hemmer mentioned a report that consumer confidence showed its biggest drop in 15 years, McDowell brushed that off saying it does not always "translating into a drop in spending"
12:38pm - teasers included: Bush push to conserve
12:43pm - teasers included: Bush in Beaumont
12:38pm - Hemmer reported that Bush is in Beaumont & interviewed (by phone) Orange County sheriff Mike White about conditions there
12:56pm - Hemmer reported Bush's itinerary for his tour today & talked about what's happening "in the region"

Comments: How many ways can FNL spell "distract"? For those of you who are going to whine about what the other cable news networks were doing during the 11:00am hour:
*CNN was covering the aftermath of Rita in East Texas & also provided live coverage of portions of Brown's testimony
*MSNBC provided live, uninterrupted covering the testimony live, without bloviating

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's failure to provide live coverage of Brown's testimony; failure to cover other important news). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.