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Anti-war protesters "united by their hatred of Bush", says Fox

Reported by Chrish - September 27, 2005

Jim Angle gave a report yesterday 9/27/05 on the anti-war march in DC last weekend and Cindy Sheehan's subsequent arrest Monday. She and her "band of protesters got themselves arrested", which they "seemed to regard as a victory."

Brit Hume introduced the segment saying that anti-Iraq war protesters converged on Washington this weekend, only to have their message "drowned out" by Hurricane Rita. Comment: No, Brit. It was ignored by the so-called liberal media. If there really was a liberal mainstream media they'd be all over it. So much for that - can we please drop the pretense NOW?

ANYway Jim Angle filed a report over video of the arrest. He briefly described the day's events, (arrested, ticketed, released) and said this came after the weekend's protest drew over 100,000 people who are in his words, "disparate groups united by their hatred of Bush in particular and US policies in general."

Comment: This is so typical. Dissenters opposing this administration's policies and practices are classified as "Bush haters" and "US haters". FOX reinforces its viewers' disdain for different points of view by making an emotional rather than intellectual characterization of opposition views. Yeah, yeah - I know.

The group selected to represent, for Fox, the forces behind the march was the World Worker Party (who, we are told, support Kim Jong Il and Fidel Castro - with video). NOT mentioned were supporters Grandmothers for Peace, Coalition for Peace and Justice, Khalil Gibran Book Club, Pastors for Peace, and a few hundred others - let's paint them all with one big scary brush.

Counter-protesters, who numbered in the hundreds as opposed to the hundreds of thousands, were also heard from. The war supporters shown criticized Cindy Sheehan personally, calling her misguided and irresponsible, accusing her of giving aid and comfort to our enemies. One man who lost his brother said he had a problem with the protesters methods and their vitriol, and said he believed that he, as a Bush-war supporter, was in the majority.

Comment: Most recent polls show that he is in the minority. How nice of FOX to allow him to air his beliefs, however erroneous they are.

Angle concluded saying that Bush was well aware of the protests but strongly believes that withdrawing from Iraq would make us less safe and the world more dangerous.

Comment: Keep the fear a-comin'. It's interesting to me that we are always told what Bush believes rather than what he thinks. Yeah, yeah - I know.

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