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When Does Covering One Story Become An Excuse Not To Cover Others?

Reported by Nancy - September 26, 2005 -

Today (9/26), FNL was again all about the aftermath of Katrina (& now of Rita, too), with Bill Hemmer anchoring the noon hour from NOLA. There were on-site reports from Todd Connor in Orange TX, Adam Housley in Abbeville LA, & Steve Brown in the Algiers section of NOLA.

Hemmer was reduced to repeatedly commenting on how hot it was, & letting viewers listen to the copter pilots of Helinet chat as they flew over NOLA. He also interviewed Col Dave Gapinksi (Army Corps of Engineers) & replayed clips of earlier interviews FNL had done (including a snip of one from last week, of "Coozer"). On the political front, there were reports from Greg Kelly at the White House updating Bush's response to the storms & Major Garrett reported on the cost of rebuilding. And at 12:51pm (EDT) Hemmer interviewed Jay Carney (TIME mag) by phone about the political implications of recent hurricanes. Other than Uma Pemmaraju reading headlines at 12:37pm, there were no segments devoted to non-hurricane news.

Comments: I hate to sound cynical or uncaring, but I've about had it with post-hurricane coverage. They've really said all that could be said.. There are important things going on elsewhere, in this country & around the world. FNL could have put Hemmer back in the studio & left the on-site reports from Connor, Housley & Brown, & still achieved essentially the same coverage.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of the Katrina/Rita aftermath; failure to cover other important news). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.