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Anti-Troll Resources: An Update

Reported by Nancy - September 26, 2005 -

Last Monday, I made a post about how to cope with trolls. I let that thread go where it would, & it turned into both a wonderful resource for concrete examples of troll behavior, even better examples of how NOT to respond to troll behavior, & a royal pain to read, with 450 comments before I finally closed it. Today, I 'd like to try a different approach.

Here are the links to the same 3 articles that everyone should read:
*First, a primer
*Then, a very useful field guide
*Finally, an article that is specific to one system's experiences, but there's some insight that applies everywhere.

Here are the rules for commenting on this thread:
1 - The topic is "how to cope with trolls"
2 - The topic is not anything else
3 - Off-topic (O/T) comments will be deleted

My 4-strikes rules apply:
1 - at your first "offense" I will publicly ask you to stop (specifying the offense) with a warning that next step will be deleting
2 - if you persist, I will delete your comments, with a warning that next step is banning for approx 24 hrs
3 - if you persist, I will temporarily ban you for approx 24 hrs
4 - if you persist, I will permanently ban you

This represents an enormous investment of time & effort for me, so I would very much appreciate it if you would NOT deliberately test the boundaries. If you do that, you really do risk being banned.

On the other hand, I would very much appreciate comments that contribute to the topic, including tips & tricks for identifying trolls, additional web-based resources