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O'Reilly Bans Donahue, Continues to Defend Bush

Reported by Marie Therese - September 23, 2005

Last night [9-22-05] Bill O'Reilly banned Phil Donahue from ever appearing on his show again. He then re-aired his interview with the silver-tongued liberal for the edification of viewers that missed it.

O'REILLY, Talking Points Memo: "Because of that plane situation in L.A. last night, we had to go to our news desk and did not run my debate with Phil Donahue on the early edition of 'The Factor.' It did run on the second showing at 11:00pm. So we'll run it again this evening because although confrontational, it is also instructive.

"There are two rules for guests here on 'The Factor.' No slander and no personal accusations without facts to back them up. If the guest violates those rules, they are scolded by me and will not be invited back. And only a few have violated the rules.


"In the world of the far left, it is now acceptable to accuse a president and vice president and sending young Americans to Iraq to be killed and maimed, so their friends at Halliburton can make money. And anyone who supports the Iraq strategy is also guilty of sending kids to die and is a coward to boot.

"Now that kind of rhetorical nonsense is disrespectful and cheap. Dissent is to be respected. Questioning a person's character with whom you disagree is not to be respected."

"I'm glad I had to share that with Donahue. And you can decide the merits of the discussion coming up. But enough is enough with these vicious tactics being used in the Iraq debate. The no-spin zone is a place where responsible voices are welcomed and heard, but irresponsible fanatics can seek exposure elsewhere."


This is the guy who's used the following terms, among others, to describe people (like me) with whom he disagrees:

Fringe element
Al Qaeda supporter

After Katrina, he repeatedly referred to the people trapped in New Orleans as "violent," "thugs" and "looters."

The list of insults and demeaning terminology this man has spewed forth in the time I've monitored him is mind-boggling.

As for "sending kids to die," that's the definition of war, reduced to its barest bones.

Over a year ago he was suposed to go to Iraq. Why hasn't he done so yet? Al Franken, his arch-nemesis, had been there several times. So who's the coward, Bill?

Yet O'Reilly has the nerve to ban Donahue for mentioning that Halliburton stock has doubled since the war in Iraq began.

Gimme a break!

Donahue wiped the floor with Mr. Bill. That's why he's not being asked back. Period. End of discussion.

You can read the entire Talking Points Memo by clicking here.

you can access my transcript of the origina interview by clicking here.

Also, why not drop Bill a line and ask (politely) that he reconsider his decision to ban Donahue? He must be tired of receiving all those one-sided right-wing love notes. A little fairness and balance in his inbox would do him a world of good!


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