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Abu Ghraib -- The Fun Just Keeps On A-Comin'

Reported by Nancy - September 23, 2005 -

I don't read enough other blogs (who has the time?) but today I happened to check Andrew Sullivan's, & found ... well, something that made me sick to my stomach. His blog entry is called "CORPSES FOR PORN?" & the title alone should warn you that the content is not pretty.

Sullivan describes & links to an amateur porn website that has a special offer for US military personnel: send in pix of dead Iraqis (insurgents or civilians), & get free access to the porn part of the site. The pix that have been submitted have names like "What every Iraqi should look like," "DIE, HAJI, DIE," & "Cooked Iraqi."

Sullivan's editorial comment

I would think this violates the Geneva Conventions, not that the U.S. under this president cares about those very much any more. But it's also beyond depraved. .... Like the pictures from Abu Ghraib, these images are also a propaganda coup for Zarqawi and his monsters -- a consequence of war in the Internet age. Have we really sunk to this?
hits several nails on the head

Comments: Words like "appalling" & "disgusting" don't even begin to come close. What an unholy nexus of greedy scum (hey, the porn site is "only" fulfilling a consumer "need" or "want") & psychopaths.

NOTE: Nothing I've written above could or should be construed as denigrating the many men & women who have served & who continue to serve honorably in the US military. I think it's a very telling sign of our times that I even have to post such a disclaimer. Comments alleging such denigration will be deleted, because they're baseless.