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No Bloviating? This Can't Be FNL!

Reported by Nancy - September 22, 2005 -

Today (9/22) FNL provided live coverage of Bush's press conference at the Pentagon, including the Q&A period that followed his statement. While Bush was speaking, FNL used a split-screen to continue to show viewers video of the Galveston waterfront, graphics of the path of Hurricane Rita, & similar unrelated material. Most tellingly, there was no post-statement analysis by talking heads, despite the fact that there would have been plenty to bloviate about.

Once that press conference was over (2:24pm EDT), Hemmer recapped VERY briefly (a few seconds), then the rest of the noon hour was devoted to continued coverage of the Katrina aftermath & the impending arrival of Rita. The last half-hour was again nearly all Hemmer, & again he handled it well. There were short reports from Rick Leventhal, Carol McKinley & Dan Springer, & a weather update from Chris Knowles that focussed on Rita.

Comments: This is a new pattern for FNL -- covering a Bush "event" (photo op, speech, statement) but not commenting on it. Usually they haul out the usual suspects to "analyze" (i.e., reinterpret) whatever has just been said. Frankly, it's a pleasure NOT to have to listen to Bill Kristol or Fred Barnes tell viewers what Bush meant to say, but I can't figure out (yet) whether they're simply trying to distance themselves from an administration that's clearly flailing & failing, or whether there's some more nefarious motive at work.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of the Katrina aftermath & of Rita so far; failure to bloviate about Bush's statement). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.