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O'Reilly Calls His U. N. Comment "Joshing Around"

Reported by Marie Therese - September 21, 2005

On Wednesday, September 14th on The Radio Factor, Bill O'Reilly made some rude comments about the U. N. O'REILLY: "I just wish Katrina had only hit the United Nations building. Nothing else. And flooded them out. And I wouldn't have rescued them."

Last night a chortling O'Reilly claimed it was all just a joke.

Unfortunately for Mr. O'Reilly, the United Nations doesn't consider it funny. They've written a letter to FOX News asking for an apology:

Excerpt from letter written to FOX News on 9-16-05 by United Nations Foundation Chief Tim Wirth:

"Mr. O'Reilly should be required to withdraw these remarks. And both Mr. O'Reilly and Fox should make an immediate and public apology. Some weeks ago Pat Robertson made a mistake in calling for the assassination of a head of state and then he had the decency to apologize and withdraw his comments. Bill O'Reilly should do the same."

During last night's show O'Reilly claimed that a "nutty, far-left website that tapes our show" called Tim Wirth to alert him of the comments. That website was Media Matters for America, the progressive watchdog site launched by former right-winger David Brock.

The Great Bloviator addressed some insulting comments to former Senator Timothy Wirth (D-CO), delivered with dismissive chuckling:

"Well, apparently, Tim Wirth has never listened to talk radio, so I will speak very slowly to him. (cupping his hands in front of his mouth like a megaphone) It was a jest, sir. (lowers hands) We exaggerate on the radio. You heard Leef Wiehl [Lis Wiehl, O'Reilly's co-host] in the background, ya' know. Eeee. Wise up. Now chances are the former Senator never even heard the broadcast. He just took the word of an unbelievably irresponsible website. He was used. His fault. He should know better. But this ridiculous incident just points out how desperate and dishonest the far-left is. Truth be told, they are the Republican Party's best friend."


Feeling a little heat there, are we, Mr. Bill?

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