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More Race-Baiting On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - September 21, 2005

The race-baiting continued on Hannity & Colmes last night as Louis Farrakhan was brought in again (via videotape) as an example of angry, black extremism to be feared and despised. The funny thing is, his comments don't seem much more outrageous than Ann Coulter's. But Coulter, a frequent H&C guest, is always received with cordial respect and very rarely challenged on her angry, conservative extremism.

Several promos led up to the Farrakhan "appearance" which was really no more than a brief video clip, briefer than the promos before it. Unlike any introductions for Coulter, Colmes promised that Farrakhan's remarks "will leave you speechless."

When they finally got to the segment, Colmes re-read Farrakhan's remarks discussed on the previous night's show. "In that levee, there was a 25 foot hole, which suggested that it may have been blown up, so that the water would destory the black part of town..." 9/12/05, Charlotte, NC

Colmes told the audience, "Well, it gets worse. Take a look at what he said in Houston, just yesterday."

Farrakhan, standing in front of a group of angry-looking black people, said, "If the Red Cross doesn't act right, then it must be destroyed." The angry black people nodded and said, "Right." Farrakhan added, "And something better put in its place."

Comment: Frankly, I don't see what's so objectionable about that statement. Unlike Ann Coulter, who stated overtly that she wished Timothy McVeigh had blown up the New York Times building, I did not get the impression that Farrakhan was advocating a violent destruction of the Red Cross.

After the clip, Colmes complained that Farrakhan has no positive things to say and that he just divides people. While I largely agree with that assessment, I would also argue that playing that clip has the same result. What positive things did it say? What did it accomplish other than to demonize and demean a well-known member of the African-American community? If H&C wants to scrutinize Farrakhan, then by all means do so but playing such a clip does nothing more than sensationalize and provoke.

Furthermore, a Pew Research Center poll has revealed a "huge racial divide over Katrina and its consequences." H&C has offered scant consideration of that issue. The Farrakhan clip was worse than ignoring it altogether because it made him the de facto spokesperson for the now-marginalized African-American dissatisfaction.

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