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ALERT! Bill Hemmer Continues to Report News You Can Use!

Reported by Nancy - September 21, 2005 -

Today (9/21) on FNL Bill Hemmer anchored the noon hour from atop the levee on the 17th Street Canal in NOLA. The entire hour was nearly all-Hemmer, & he handled the responsbility well.

There were brief interludes where Hemmer was not on-screen, when FNL provided live coverage of a Bush speech & of the press conferences being held by the Governor of TX & the mayor of Galveston. But Hemmer was the focus for most of the hour. In addition to showing lots of video of NOLA & of the Texas coast, he interviewed a variety of people, all directly involved in the Katrina aftermath:
*Col Dave Gapinski (Army Corps of Engineers)
*someone named "Coozer" who's been working on repairing/rebuilding the levees
*former LA Congressman Jimmy Hayes in Baton Rouge
*Alan Purvin (pilot, Helinet Aviation Services)
The interviews were direct & to the point, with none of the usual FNL overt spin.

Comments: Roger Ailes replaced David Asman with Hemmer in the nick of time. No way could Asman have handled this sort of assignment. While I'm not directly impacted by hurricanes, I must say that FNL today provided a real public service to those citizens who are -- & to the rest of us as well, by making us aware of the situation.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of the Katrina aftermath & of Rita so far; Hemmer vs Asman as anchor). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.