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The Crisis wasn't in NOLA but in DC

Reported by Chrish - September 20, 2005

The Big Story was all hurricane Rita - various weather forecasters, reporters on the streets of Key West and surrounding Florida towns, and video of fearsome waves and bowed palm trees.

For some reason John Gibson had as one of his guest Tony Blankley, author of "The West's Last Chance" and writer for Sun Yung Moon's Washington Times.

Gibson stumbled through the opening question, essentially saying this whole argument about when the feds should jump in, and when the feds should be ready, and what the feds should be ready for, and we should all depend on the feds - what do you see going on now? Galveston seems to be taking care of itself for the moment, as New Orleans didn't.

Blankely did his part playing the absolution game, saying that New Orleans was unique in that there was a prolonged flood after the hurricane passed, delaying rescue workers. Everyone, he said, is on political pins and needles because there's some heavy wind coming off the Potomac and blowing into 1600 Pennsylvania. The White House is sensitive, and Gibson agrees they should be.

He says "You have a big nasty thing going in your neighborhood and you look for someone to bail you out, it's always the president." Comment: Aaaaww.

Blankely said there has been an ongoing debate for years now about whether the military should have a primary or secondary role in any activity in America, and Bush said in his speech the other night that the military would be more heavily involved. The Pentagon doesn't want that involvement. The federal government can't completely usurp the states because of the sovereignity of the states, but everyone understands that when a situation is so disasterous that the military comes in under the president with the equipment and the numbers.

Gibson asks if the advise isn't "don't be seen quibbling? Don't worry about jurisdictions or who got a contract signed, go help somebody?

Comment: I'm going to let myself think he took my advice last week:

Comment: John, John, John. This has been SO discussed and vetted. I send you to Alternet.org to help you clear up all those right-wing lies you have heard so much. Pay particular attention to items #6 and #7. Print it out and keep it handy.

Blankely seems to agree that that is what should be done, but sometimes during a crisis otherwise very able politicians don't do their best "image-wise". He opines that Bush was having an "image crisis" by Tuesday afternoon (August 30) and it took him 36-48 hours to realize he was in the midst of this crisis and he took a bad hit, and the Democrats are feeling their oats and the Republicans are feeling nervous.

Comment: I am tempted to swear a lot. How disgusting. Anyone who can read/watch this and not see that FNC is all about Bush and image and power is hopeless and should just give up on yourself.

People were drowning in their homes, some separated from their families, sitting in human waste, hungry, scared, in shock, in the dark, no TV to tell them what's going on, and these guys are talking about an IMAGE crisis?

News Hounds Alert: The image is shattered. Bush is inept, dumb, and frighteningly detached, and now everybody knows it, not just the smart ones. He can go to New Orleans twice a week for the rest of his reign and blow our children's grandchildren's future on a new monument to compassionate conservatism but he still choked.

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