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Dayside is Back with More Clinton Bashing

Reported by Janie - September 20, 2005

Yesterday (9/19) Dayside was back with a whole new look, but the same old spin!

Apparently during the onslaught of Hurricane news, producers of Dayside took the down time to revamp Dayside, changing the format and giving it a "Regis and Kelly" type feel. They moved downstairs, making the street outside predominant, changed the graphics and the intro and have chosen Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick to co-host. The only thing that remained static was the same old spin, and Democrat bashing. Yesterdays hot topic? Bill Clinton's recent comments on the Bush administration and the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

Jerrick introduced the segment by saying: "President Clinton breaking the tradition, criticized the current President George W Bush."

While the loud boos from the audience were subsiding, they played a brief montage of Clinton's comments including: "Whether it was race-based or not, if you give your tax breaks to the rich and hope everything goes alright, and poverty goes up in a disproportionately affects black and brown people, that's a consequence of the action made. That's what they did in the 80's, that's what they've done in this decade. We concentrated tax cuts on lower income, working people, and benefits to low income people to help them move from welfare to work. We had a program that was drastically reducing poverty, and they got rid of it, and they don't believe in it."

Comment: How Jerrick came to the conclusion that the comments shown here by Clinton were a direct attack at Bush is beyond me, unless he's attempting to lead his audience to believe this was the case. What Clinton said seems to be more of a commentary on the Republican leadership as a whole, rather than specifically Bush. Bush didn't single-handedly do away with Clinton's welfare initiative, for that to occur, Congress would have had to taken that action. Jerrick's claim that Clinton was criticizing Bush with the above mentioned comments is complete spin, once again to make Democrats look bad.

What really interested me during this segment however, was the comments that came from the audience. Clinton's comments that were later discussed by the audience touched on the topics of welfare and how poverty disproportionately affects African Americans.

One audience member (a white gentleman) stated: "It's a double standard, because Clinton was looking for Bin Laden and tracking him, and did nothing and now look where we are. And how dare he say this during the hurricane relief effort." (Applause from audience)

Well, I'd like to ask this audience member what exactly Bush has done to capture Bin Laden, and why he brought this topic up during the Hurricane relief effort himself!

The comments of the white audience members differed greatly from those of the African-Americans in the audience.

Two African-American men commented on the topic as well, but their comments had a much different tone than those of others in the audience: "Clinton, all he's doing is telling everything we'd like to say, he's saying it for us, and I think he's right in what he's saying", and "It took President Bush like a couple of days to respond to 9/11 and Iraq, why did it take him so long to respond to this?"

Both of these comments were received with scattered booing from other audience members.

Now, I'm not stating that this was an example of Fox spinning, or that this is an instance of Fox being racially biased, it was certainly refreshing to hear these views voiced on the show without having their mikes cut. However, it was interesting to see two men that voiced their opinion, who are closer to the topic that Clinton discussed, have a better understanding of it, booed by the Republican, Clinton-bashing crowd for agreeing with Clinton, and speaking out against Bush. The divide here between race, class, and party is widening because no one bothers to attempt to understand the other side, and all these Fox audience regulars can do is boo people for supporting Clinton, which Fox has certainly had it's hand in perpetuating, rather than stop and attempt to understand where others are coming from.

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