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Fox, Freaked Out by Talk of New Orleans "Bailout," Uses Banned Words Like "Budget" & "Deficit"

Reported by Melanie - September 16, 2005

Your World opened today (September 16, 2005) with a chyron at the bottom of the screen that read, "Busting the Budget?" and Neil Cavuto saying that the people in New Orleans were, "trying to get back to some semblance of a normal life here but will the President's bailout plan bust the budget and make that normal life costly?"

Budget? Mentioned on Fox News? Pray tell. Oh, how times have changed.

After his opening, Cavuto tossed to Fox reporter Phil Keating, live, in New Orleans. Keating reported on the day's activities there and ended with, "Now the deficit now incorporated within the budget for the fiscal year '05 is $338 billion. The national debt right now is estimated by the Treasury department to be about $8 trillion, so how the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the big federal bailout as well as the impact on the deficit and the other budgetary requirements as well as spending programs, still a lot of questions with no immediate answers." (Sentence structure isn't a big priority at Fox.)

Fox's Major Garrett reported next from Washington, D.C. with more on the, "bailout." After that, Tom Adkins*, identified only as from "Remax Property Center" (see Common Conservative.com) said, "I would do everything, everything, in New Orleans with a voucher program." He said if, "your house is worth $112,000, here's a check for $112,000. Go buy wherever you want to go." After the Adkins interview, Cavuto interviewed Alvaro Uribe, the President of Columbia. Uribe said he hoped money from the US would continue to flow into his country to fight drugs and terrorism.

Next came paid pundit Gary B. Smith, identified only as from RealMoney.com, and Price Headley of BigTrends.com. Smith said it would be, "terrific," if there were no new taxes. He said, "there's so much in the budget to cut, expenses, that surely we can find the money in there without raising taxes, yet again." (Yet again?) He said, "The big thing that's going to hurt the deficit" are, "all the entitlement programs, it's Medicaid, it's Medicare." Cavuto asked Headley if this is, "a New Deal all over again?" Headley said, "Well, that's the concern. If you create more of these entitlements (Entitlements?) it's just going to set the precedent for the next disaster and you've got the same problem all over again and I think we've got to be concerned about that."

Comment: What? Deficits? Budgets? Hello! Since when does Fox care about, or even discuss, deficits and/or budgets? Since never, that's since when! The sudden concern about money is...well...I can't tell you how glaring the difference between yesterday and today is. Last I knew, budgets were irrelevant and deficits stimulated the economy. Give me a freakin' break. Oh, and by the way, since we're talking about deficits and budgets, you might find it interesting to know that the word Iraq was never, ever, mentioned.

* 1-28-06 - UPDATE RE TOM ADKINS: He's married to Fox's "Senior Business Correspondent," Brenda Buttner.

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