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Former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour Adopts The Spirit Of Working Together By Taking Jabs At The People And Government Of New Orleans

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2005 -

In a Hannity & Colmes interview after the president's speech last night (9/15/05), Alan Colmes asked Haley Barbour, Republican governor of Mississippi (and former chairman of the RNC), "Is this a new opportunity for the two parties to work together to get beyond the partisanship?"

Barbour said "It really is." Then he proceeded to take several swipes at the people of New Orleans.

Barbour said, "In our state, you know we're not into moaning and moping and complaining and whining and victimhood. From the very first, we have been trying to work together... We're all trying to work together and frankly, that's why I think Mississippi has made so much progress."

Comment: New Orleans has made a lot of progress, too, but what Barbour clearly meant was that Mississippi has made so much MORE progress. Evidently, having a major US city flooded with thousands of inhabitants trapped inside without food and water had nothing to do with the slow progress. The real problem was that they weren't holding hands and singing Kumbaya together with President Bush.

Barbour continued, "We're all pulling together, regardless of politics, or anything else and that's crucial to a crisis like this."

Comment: In other words, they're all pulling together, regardless of politics, unless you're a Democrat - in which case you deserve scorn.