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Cheerleading With A Lie

Reported by Nancy - September 15, 2005 -

Today (9/15) on FNL, Bill Hemmer anchored the noon hour of the program, which was largely devoted to cheerleading for Bush's speech later tonight. And, in the course of previewing that speech, Greg Kelly repeated the "miscount" of how many trips Bush has made to the region.

Here's the cheerleading:
12:00pm (EDT) - Hemmer reading the top stories for the hour, announced first that "the Pres heading into prime time tonight
12:03pm - Greg Kelly previewed Bush's talk tonight; when Kelly finished, Hemmer repeated that Bush will be speaking in NOLA tonight
12:12pm - teasers included: Bush live later tonight
12:19pm - teasers included: Bush in NOLA ("a vision of hope")
12:22pm - Hemmer said that "also later tonight the President addresses the country" to intro his interview with Eric Dezenhall & Peter Mirijanian (PR consultants & frequent FNL talking heads) about Bush's planned speech; at the end of the interview, Hemmer plugged Fox's live coverage of the speech
12:35pm - Hemmer talked about Katrina being the 7th deadliest natural disaster to hit the US, to intro Steve Brown in Chicago, reporting on the Red River flood in ND 10 years ago & the lessons of recovery, including a reference to how Bush said rebuilding NOLA might take years

Here's the lie:
12:03pm - Greg Kelly previewed Bush's talk tonight, leading off with the lie that it's Bush's "4th trip to the region in less than 2 weeks." Kelly said that $60 billion has been allocated so far for rebuilding & showed a clip of Dan Bartlett from F&F earlier today, wrapping up with an acknowledgement that Bush's "polls [are] near record lows" for his presidency.

Comment: If Fox keeps "miscounting" Bush's trips to the region, pretty soon we'll be hearing that he's made one a day for the past 5 years. And it's a good thing Kelly added the disclaimer (for his presidency) when talking about Bush's poll numbers, or that could have been another form of "miscalculating."

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