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Where's Laertes When Ya Need Him?

Reported by Nancy - September 14, 2005 -

Today (9/14) on FNL it was almost all about Ophelia. During the last hour of the program, anchored by Bill Hemmer, FNL showed Ophelia footage & graphics even during those few segments that were related to other news.

Here are the non-Ophelia segments:

12:24pm (EDT) - Brian Wilson reported on the Roberts hearing, saying that Dems "basically are making the case that ... he's not answering the questions" but Roberts is "reluctant" to comment on stuff he might have to decide on later. Wilson said that "yesterday's most contentious questioning came from" Sen Joe Biden (D-DE). Wilson showed a long clip of Biden's questions today (about right-to-die issues, & Roberts refused to answer, saying he will not base decisions on personal opinion but on his "understanding of the law." Biden said that's what they're trying to find out & that's what Roberts is refusing to share. Wilson said BIden's questions were "not quite as contentious as his first round yesterday" & that the political reality is "nothing seems to be derailing" this nomination.

12:34pm - Patty Ann Brown read headlines: economy "may have been weakening even before Katrina"; "bright note" in NOLA - parts of city could reopen next week; arms smuggling tunnel found between Egypt & Gaza; Palestinian forces getting urban combat training; black widow spiders in San Diego.

12:52pm - Hemmer said that a raid yesterday "took out an insurgent stronghold" & Al Qaeda has responded with bombings, to intro David Piper in Baghdad, who reported 160 killed & 500 injured in a series of car bombs; Hemmer asked about the Iraqi Constitution, Piper said it needs to be "sorted out" soon.

Comments: Despite repeated teasers about Bush speaking at the UN, there was never actually a segment about that -- just Hemmer very briefly recapping what Bush said. A tip of my cyberhat to The Bard for the title of this post.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of any of the above topics). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.