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Dick & Lynne's Excellent Adventure

Reported by Nancy - September 8, 2005 -

Today (9/8) on FNL, nearly the entire noon hour was devoted to VP Dick Cheney "tour" of the disaster areas of the Gulf Coast. Bill Hemmer seemed relieved to be back in NY after his stint in Baton Rouge, & Shepard Smith has reverted to type, revenrently following Cheney around & parroting the administration's lines at every opportunity.

There wasn't even a commercial break for the first 40 minutes. The Fox cameras barely moved off Cheney, & despite hideous audio problems, viewers were treated to multiple long segments of "let's listen in" to Cheney, where all that could be heard was static, or motors running loudly in the foreground. When the audio problems were more-or-less resolved, viewers were treated to Cheney chatting & laughing with perky, happy (white) people who were obviously thrilled to be meeting the VP -- despite Smith's reporting (twice) that Cheney's "advance team" didn't pre-select people he'd be speaking to.

Here's my favorite piece of all the Cheney coverage:

12:35pm (EDT) - Hemmer had barely begun to interview Sen George Allen (R-VA) [comment: essentially about Cheney & his "tour", of course], when he announced that FNL would go to Smith, who "has a very special guest" -- Lynne Cheney (FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE). She was also quite perky & upbeat, but when Smith started to ask what she thought about the allegations swirling around about the federal govt's response to Katrina, she simply said "I'm not gonna talk to you any more, Shep" & turned away.

Comment: Interesting that Lynne Cheney didn't feel obiged to parrot the official GOP line. But the drumbeat from Fox was relentless: Cheney cares, the federal government can't do everything, privatization good, Cheney cares, things are so much better now, Cheney cares, privatization good ... well, you get the picture.

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