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Fox Reports - Pat Robertson's Charity is One of Three On FEMA's Press Release

Reported by Donna - September 7, 2005

Today on Studio B with Jane Skinner filling in for Shepard Smith a Fox News Alert came on and they went to a press briefing from the head of FEMA, Mike Brown.

Mr. Brown cruised for several minutes telling everyone how they are giving out debit cards with a minimum of $2000 on them for Louisiana residents and that over 100,000 trailers had been ordered for Mississippi. (Comment: Wonder who gets that contract?)

But then the hard questions started coming in.

The following is paraphrased but pretty much verbatim.

Female Reporter: The Governor sent a letter to the President on September 2nd. What is the very latest on giving her everything she has asked for?

Mike Brown: If the Governor asked for it, we're gonna get it for her. Anything she has asked for today we're in the process of supplying..if, if, and, again we've developed this unified command center so that all those reuests that come in, we can deal with that immediately. (Comment: Did he answer the question? We're gonna get it for her? That letter was written 5 days ago - did he or didn't he fill the requests of that letter?)

Then there was a question about staging areas and discussion of when they would move in out of state police officers and firefighters who wanted to help out. Brown explained that is was a 'process'. Then the questions got harder.

Female Reporter: Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi has called for your resignation and I'm wondering if you have a response to that?

Brown: The president's in charge of that, not me.

Male Reporter: Did you offer your resignation?

Brown: I serve totally at the will of the President of the United States.

Male Reporter: FEMA has 3 charities listed on their press release that they sent out.

Brown: Ahuh.

Male Reporter: One of them is Operation Blessings. Can you tell me why that charity is on the list? And, who put it there?

Brown: I'm sure the staff (Comment: Who specifically?) did and it's there because they offered to help and they're doing good work. (Comment: You know this for a fact?)

Male Reporter: Operation Blessings is a Pat Robertson organization. Should that be there?

Brown: If they're willing to work, if they're willing to help we're not turning help away, we're not turning help away from anybody. (Comment: Is that correct? Did we accept the over 1,000 doctors that Cuba offered to send?)

A male reporter then asked about the recovery of bodies and Brown said that the contractor for that job had been given to Kenyan. The only mortuary company I could find with that name was Kenyan International-Recovery, which maintains fully equipped mobile mortuaries in Houston, Texas. (Comment: Another Texas connection, perhaps?)

At this point Mike Brown had had enough and said thank you and left.

Comments: Isn't it nice that Pat Robertson's Charity is one of the three listed on FEMA's press release to give money to? Yes, this is the same Pat Robertson who called for the assassination of a democratically elected head of state.

I also find it uncanny that KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, received a huge contract for the Katrina Disaster a few days ago and now a Houston, Texas mortuary company has been given the contract on retrieving the bodies in New Orleans.

As Fox likes to say, we report, you decide.

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