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Fox - President Says He Will Do Investigation On His Timetable

Reported by Donna - September 6, 2005

Today on Studio B, Shepard Smith reported from the White House that the President said now is not the time to be pointing fingers. He added that the President said when the time comes he will launch an investigation into the Federal Relief and Rescue effort.

He then went to Wendall Goler, reporting from the White House who said that 'when the time comes' is the key phrase coming from the president and that time is not now and officials (what officials?) made clear that it would not be anytime soon.

Goler explained that since the people who need to be questioned about Katrina are the same folks who are wrestling with the everyday needs of the victims of Hurricane Katrina they can't be questioned at this time.

He switched to the President in a conference room who said that, (paraphrased but pretty much verbatim) "We still live in an uncertain world. We want to make sure we respond properly if there is a WMD attack (pause) or, if there's another storm. And, uh...so I'm gonna find out what went right and what went wrong..uh..over time."

Comments: There you have it -- the position of the White House and Fox putting it out to their audience. Which is -- of course the president's concerned, he's worried about our response to a WMD attack or another storm.

Guess what Mr. President? You've had almost 5 years to have us ready for a WMD attack or a natural disaster catastrophe. What, exactly, is your timetable? Because, it is so obvious to so many Americans that the Federal Government did not respond quickly or efficiently to a natural disaster that we knew was coming for years.

How on earth can we handle a WMD attack or another vicious storm? How much time do you need? Make the time.

And, we don't want an investigation from you or Congress -- we want an independent investigation -- how else will the breakdowns in communications be truthfully told when there is the bias of the office of the president and congress standing in it's way?

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