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Fox Spins While New Orleans Burns

Reported by Deborah - September 2, 2005

Huge plumes of smoke rise over New Orleans from a chemical storage facility now burning out of control creating one more catastrophic problem for the city to endure. Of course, this didn't stop the Fox Friends from trying to convince viewers that help is on the way and their President has everything under control. 9/2/05

Steve Doocy complained to Chris Wallace that there was too much finger pointing going on. Wallace, sounding like he was discussing a political strategy,claimed that Bush had a problem because the picture coming out of the stricken area was different from the one painted by Washington so they needed to convince people that there wasn't a "disconnect". Wallace not taking the cue to offer an image of hope talked about the "version of hell" in New Orleans.

Doocy, not responding to Wallace, announced some "good news" about the economy giving improved unemployment numbers and 169,000 new jobs for Americans. This off topic and inappropriate comment had a jarring effect.

Kilmeade cut to Phil Keating on Highway 90 asking if there had been any help arriving. Obviously this was pre planned because Keating reported that a water truck had arrived 5 minutes ago and he showed an orderly line up of people sitting and calmly drinking. This was at 8:35 AM and the first water truck had just gotten there. Keating spoke of ongoing rescues and "rapid intensification" of efforts adding that by Saturday or Sunday "all or at least most, that they could find" would be helped.

More good news from Doocy who reported that Australia had given 8 million in aid and Israel is ready to send Doctors with 24 hours notice once they are given permission. Apparently, they were still waiting for clearance despite the fact that there is a profound shortage of Doctors in the area.

Tim Green, Current Affair, described the scene as "apocalyptic" causing the friends to spring into action. Green was asked about all the heroic efforts to bring supplies being thwarted by the violence.
Green answered, "We have got to find a way! The water is toxic and contaminated!" Kilmeade jumped in asking, "Do you get a sense that the worst is over?" Green emphatically replied," I don't think the worst is over. It will get worse and worse and worse.."

This morning on The Today Show, CBS, Harry Connick Jr. reported his observations from New Orleans , his hometown. He claimed that he had no problem getting a vehicle to the Convention Center and saw no reason why buses and trucks had not gotten through with supplies. Obviously coming down with some intense bronchial infection, he spoke of the mind boggling suffering of the people outside the Convention Center who had still not recieved any water or food.

comment: This morning my local news reported that Delaware was sending
50 National Guardsman to help. Besides the fact that fifty is such a small number, why are they just leaving today? It's time for everyone to start pointing fingers and blowing whistles.

note: I had reported earlier that the fire was in an oil refinery but it turns out that it was actually a chemical storage facility.

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