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A Horrific Report from New Orleans Turns Into, "A Lotta Good Stories"

Reported by Melanie - September 2, 2005

Fox is trying so desperately to put a positive spin on the news coming out of the Gulf Coast, and in particular the news coming out of New Orleans, that it's beginning to lose its mind, or else it's trying to make its viewers think they are losing theirs.

Steve Harrigan filed a very grim, live report via videophone this afternoon (September 2, 2005) during Your World. Harrigan reported from the New Orleans Convention Center, where "several thousand people" were streaming by him to "pick up a brown packet, an MRE," and water. He said there has been a "whole lot of standing around, waiting around," and not everyone is able to move around easily. He said he saw people "in wheelbarrows, shopping carts," and "one old man on a luggage cart."

He said there is a "heavy police presence" in the area, and the police are armed, "with shotguns, with automatic weapons, and with pistols."

He said, "There's one dead body about 20 yards from me. Inside this building there's at least eight more dead bodies inside the bathroom." He said there is a heavy law enforcement presence, "but they can't do too much for the people. We actually saw someone come over and say look, this woman's passed out right in the street, I think she's dying, and the police pretty much just had to shrug their shoulders. They said we got no resources. There's nothing we can do." He said the "guns are out, some order is established, people are getting fed," but there's "not a lotta help here yet."

Cavuto wondered what was being done with the bodies, and Harrigan said, "They don't do anything with the bodies, just like they didn't do anything" with the body of the woman "who was dying" on the pavement. Harrigan pointed to his left and said, "that body has a yellow towel over it," and some kids "are playing over there." He said that body was so bloated that he couldn't tell anymore if it was a man or a woman. As for the other bodies, he said they had been "dragged" into a bathroom. He said there's "no refrigeration, no morgue in operation," they're "just sitting there, rotting in the sun."

Cavuto wondered if Harrigan thought the estimate of 10,000 casualties was a possibility. Harrigan said he can't "move around to get a sense of that," and concluded by saying he, "would emphasize that the tide has turned here as far as security goes. People aren't getting the help they need," but "at least the rioting, the looting have stopped."

Cavuto thanked him, noted that George Bush's chopper was still in the air, and then, as he introduced his next guest, he said, "While the streets of New Orleans looked more like the Wild West today, there are, as Steve pointed out, a lotta good stories out there." (My emphasis.)

Comment: WHAT?! Did you hear Steve point out "a lotta good stories"? Fox is so nuts to paint a rosy picture that it's trying to convince its viewers that they aren't hearing what they're hearing. It's crazy making, but I'll bet the Bush administration loves'em for it.

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