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Anti-anti-war protesters-protesters the stars on Fox' Special Report

Reported by Chrish - August 30, 2005

Right wing warriors Move America Forward organized busloads of co-thinkers to go to Crawford TX to protest Cindy Sheehan. We're stuck in a "generational" conflict in an oil-soaked country who never did anything to us, and these people decide that a grief-stricken mom should be the target of their indignation. Move over compassionate conservatism; big brother righteous rage is here.

Carl Cameron delivered the narrative for the spectacle on Special Report 8/29/05.

Brit Hume introduced the segment asking if "the people around the protester Cindy Sheehan" and "the anti-war movement they credit her with starting" are now up against a similarly sized response to her protest?

Cameron's report was over video of the anti-Cindy protesters, with an abundance of large American flags, 2004 Bush campaign signs, yellow ribbons and an ironic "United We Stand" sign. It was punctuated with speakers who railed against the Peace Mom, saying "you do not speak for us" and "Cindy go home" and one furious woman, on the comparison being drawn to Viet Nam, yelled "IT IS NOT!"

(Note: in looking up Move America Forward, a "non-partisan" group whose website reeks of right-wing fervor, I saw that the furious woman appears to be the counter-protest organizer, Melanie Morgan. Nice of Fox to give this right-wing group such coverage, without mentioning how radical they are.)

Carl reported that they sought to "counterbalance the anti-war protest with parades and rallies" and specifically "denounced Sheehan's claim that the US is losing an immoral war and should withdraw immediately from Iraq."

Cameron noted that it was the last days for Camp Casey also, and portrayed Cindy Sheehan as an egotistical person who "now sees herself as an historic figure." He mentioned that Joan Baez and Al Sharpton and "other liberal celebrities" showed up to support Sheehan, but they were unable to drown out anti-Sheehan sentiments.

Cameron: "Two people were arrested as roadside shouting matches escalated. Bush-backers argued the president's case that fighting the enemy overseas keeps us safer at home." To prove this point a guy with a flag on his tee-shirt yelled same at people across the street, asking 'do you want to fight 'em there or over here? If you keep that up we're gonna be fightin' 'em here". (Comment: this man was definitely in the age-range of acceptable military volunteers. Apparently he was using the "royal we".)

To further drive home the point that Cindy Sheehan is wrong, a poll was cited
showing that 60% of those polled said US troops should stay in Iraq until it is stable, and 37% said they should be brought home now. Not mentioned from the same poll is the result that 87% believe it is OK for people to publicly voice oppostion to the war, so the ones calling for Cindy to be silent and go home are in a small minority.

The segment cut to Bush in a friendly crowd (is he ever in anything but?), and Cameron said Bush "urged Americans to be patient....it will require more time, more sacrifice, and continued resolve."

Cut back to Flag-town, and "Bush-backers said they would no longer let the anti-war movement's rhetoric go unanswered." Another agitated woman (made up for TV or so it would seem) campaigned "we are proud of our troops, we are proud of the liberty of our land, we are proud all that the president is doing, and do you know what, we are going to shout the victorYYYYYYYY!!!" And then, she flashed a peace sign!!

Cameron warned that Sheehan isn't going directly to DC; she is doing a bus tour of the south where "she hopes to dominate the local media with her anti-war message. Sheehan critics, buoyed by their turnout over the weekend, say they will be waiting for her at any city she goes to, both to say and show with their numbers that she does not speak for most Americans."

Comments: The time of coverage of the pro-war camp was about 1 and a half minutes; the coverage of Camp Casy was just under a half minute and included the negative remarks above.

This segment seemed like a call to arms for the anti-Sheehan crowd. They were not referred to as pro-war but as "Bush-backers", twice, and seemed more interested in silencing her questions than in finding out the answers she demands.

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