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Fox Hearts Michael Graham

Reported by Janie - August 26, 2005

Yesterday (8/25) on Dayside, guest-host Mike Jerrick conducted a brief telephone interview with Michael Graham, the talk radio show host that was fired for inflammatory remarks in regards to the Islamic religion.

Michael Graham was a talk show host on WMAL (630 AM) in Washington D.C. The station aired other shows, such as the Rush Limbaugh show and Hannity on the Radio. Graham was fired from the radio station on August 22, due to his July 25th program in which he referred to Islam as a "terrorist organization" 23 times. His exact comments
included "Islam is a terrorist organization", "moderate Muslims are those who only want to kill Jews", and "the problem is not extremism. The problem is Islam."

Jerrick kept the interview brief, and asked Graham to explain why he was fired. Graham gave his version of why he was fired, and the interview concluded:

MJ: "When do you start to incite?"

MG: "The over the limit would be to say something that's not true, like all Muslims are terrorists, or that Islam is inherently violent. It doesn't have to be, there are Muslims of good will that can fix this faith."

Comment: I'm sorry, but is this not basically what Graham said originally? He claims that saying "all Muslims are terrorists" is going too far, but to say "Islam is a terrorist organization" is not? He states that the comment "Islam is inherently violent" is going to far, but stating "moderate Muslims are those who only want to kill Jews", again, is not going to far? It appears Graham has made his own case for his need to be fired.

MJ: "OK, Michael Graham, you're a good talker, how about we have you back? And if you don't like what he says, shut him off, that's the way it works in America. Shut it off, click it!"

Comment: Not only did Jerrick not argue with the statements that Graham made, he commends Graham for his ability and asks him to return to the show. By doing so, Fox is taking the side of Graham, and fueling the fire of Graham's incendiary remarks. This is the type of person that Fox wishes to use to present themselves?

Jerrick also states that "if you don't like what he says, shut him off", yet at every chance made available to Fox, they are discussing whether or not certain musicians or protestors should be allowed to make statements against the President of the United States, and demanding that groups such as The Dixie Chicks, or films such as Fahrenheit 9/11 be boycotted or banned. By making that statement Jerrick leads his regular viewers to believe it's proper to make hate-filled statements about Islam, but a song criticizing the President should be taken off the airwaves. If this stunning hypocrisy is not Unfair and Unbalanced, then I don't know what is!

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