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Fox Displays Hypocrisy Once Again!

Reported by Janie - August 26, 2005 -

Yesterday (8/25) on Dayside, guest-host Mike Jerrick conducted a brief segment at the beginning of the show on Cindy Sheehan, and interviewed Democratic Strategist, Julie Roginsky, and Republican Strategist, Pete Snyder.

One question Jerrick posed to the panel was: "How are Democrats (emphasis added) going to take advantage of this situation in Crawford?"

After a respectable response from Roginsky, Snyder replied: "What are the Democratic (emphasis added) activists doing, what are the 527's doing out there, how many people are raising millions of dollars in direct mail off of Cindy Sheehan, that's what I think is problematic."

Comment: Now, we all know this is the typical right-wing response to what Sheehan is doing. What's really interesting however, is what occurred at the end of the show. During one of the final commercial breaks, I look up at the screen and plain as day, I see Sheehan's face staring back at me from the screen. Fox News actually decided to run Sheehan's commercial (for those interested that have not seen it, it can be viewed here).

Granted, Fox is a corporation and is in the business of making money. It is extremely hypocritical however, for Jerrick and Snyder to discuss how the Democrats are going to take advantage, or are going to make money off of Sheehan, but in the very same episode as this discussion, we see that Fox has decided they are going to profit off of Sheehan themselves.