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Vigil At Walter Reed Hospital Distorted By Right

Reported by Deborah - August 25, 2005

John Gibson expressed shock that anti war protesters outside of Walter Reed Hospital would want to purposely hurt soldiers. Hannity on his radio show today,harped about these so called protests continuously. However, when Kevin McCarron, a Veteran for Peace, appeared with Gibson a very different story emerged making it clear that this smear was hastily created to counter Cindy Sheehan and to divert attention from the announcement that Walter Reed Hospital is closing.8/25/05

Kevin McCarron told Gibson that this vigil began in March to make the public aware that the soldiers wounded in Iraq are being brought to Walter Reed in the darkness of night. McCarron claimed that when the vigil started it was ignored and has only recently been noticed.

Gibson getting huffy claimed that there has been tons of coverage of the Vets at Walter Reed on Fox citing two examples. McCarron claimed that the coverage only began this summer after the vigil had started.
McCarron also noted that they have talked to people about toning down some of the signs emphasizing that their main concern was reminding people about the realities of war that this administration attempts to hide.

Then Gibson spoke to Steven Rice, Wounded Warrior Project, who claimed that it was the last thing the recuperating Vets needed to see. Gibson asked Rice, "Is this the equivalent of spitting on soldiers"? Rice wouldn't agree with that at all. Then Gibson asked how many soldiers were hurt or claimed they didn't care? Rice said it was an equal mix adding that it's not a morale booster.

comment: This vigil has been going on for five months but in the last day or so there has been a flurry of smear reports on the right wing blogs, Limbaugh, Hannity and of course Fox. Code Pink has also participated in the vigil and of course the hate meisters are having a field day misrepresenting that organization.

Up until now, they were glad to keep this vigil under wraps. Nobody wanted the public to know that our wounded soldiers are snuck in after dark to perpetuate the "glory of battle".

Is that the reason that Walter Reed Hospital is closing. Surely there is a need for decent facilities for our troops to heal. Yes, I know it's all about the cost and efficiency. At least that's the story we've been given.This time, for once, I'd like to get the real story.

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