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In The Unbalanced World Of FOX News, The Pundits Are Gaga For Assassinations

Reported by Ellen - August 25, 2005 -

What kind of network advocates for assassination twice (that I know of) in one night? First, regular FOX News guest Wayne Simmons appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night and said Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez "should have been killed long ago." Then less than two hours later, FOX News Military Analyst Colonel David Hunt appeared on The Alan Colmes Show and said "I think we ought to kill the son of a bitch and I don't care how we do it."

Never mind the fact that it's illegal. As Hunt put it, "I don't think we should be held captive by our own ethics and morals when we're in a war for our very survival."

Alan Colmes questioned whether Chavez was really such a serious threat to the US.

Hunt answered, "He's developing that way. He also has 15% (50%?) of OUR OIL (my emphasis)... The fact that he's a communist may not be enough of a reason to kill him. But I will tell you that the discussion is worthwhile to make these guys nervous... I want all the tools available... just like we talked once about torture - and this now is assassination... I don't think we should fight this war with our hands tied behind our backs."

Daniel in Dallas called in to congratulate Colmes for the "excellent guest."