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G. Gordon Liddy gets quote of the day

Reported by Chrish - August 24, 2005

On Big Story today 8/23/05, John Gibson introduced G. Gordon Liddy as a syndicated radio host, nothing more. Gibson thinks that Robertson said what others in the government may be thinking, and asked Liddy (because he "knows the inside of the spook world) if the US is planning to do something to Chavez?

Liddy replied that the US isn't planning to assassinate Chavez, but there may be contingency plans to "destabilize" him and remove him from office. Now if we were to declare war on Venezuela assassination would be a legitimate possibility, he said. Liddy thinks Robertson's difficulty is that a person can be a religious leader and a person can be a political leader, but it is "difficult" to be both.

Asked by gibson just how big a problem Chavez is, Liddy pronounces him a very big problem, worthy of CIA deposing. If Chavez "misbehaves" we can declare war. He verbalized that we can't go around the world killing leaders with whom we disagree, no matter how strongly. (Whew!)

Gibson finally brought up the big "O", and asked how oil complicates the situation. Surprisingly, Liddy said that oil, being a fungible product, doesn't factor in. It goes on the world market and anyone can buy it, and it should be left to the market. Then he said

"Anytime you get the government involved in trying to artificially tamper in things like that you usually get a disaster", as with the Carter administration.

Comment: We are involved in Iraq, our troops trying to keep a non-existent peace, for oil. We are engaged in nation building and imperialism, our troops taking fire for Halliburton and friends, for oil. We're there to keep Bush and his filthy rich oil buddies' corporations making billions at taxpayer expense, for oil. Killing and being killed, for oil. Disaster doesn't begin to cover it.

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