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Fox Dumps Hagel and Eggs on Division

Reported by Janie - August 23, 2005

It appears Fox News has decided to drop one of its own: Senator Chuck Hagel (R - NE). On Dayside yesterday (8/22), guest-host Juliet Huddy conducted another segment of "In this Corner" and interviewed old Fox standby's Ellis Hennican and Rich Lowry.

Yesterday's topic centered around the Iraqi constitution. Most of the conversation was fairly moderate, and each side was able to present their views in a calm manner, until the very end.

Huddy finished the conversation by stating to Hennican: "One of your guys said 'stay the course is not a policy', what do you think?" Hennican responded: "No, it's not. Nor is all this pretending. Even Newt Gingrich is saying you can't anymore claim everything is going wonderfully, it's perfect, just stay the course, he's got to level with the American people, I'm waiting for it."

Comment: "One of your guys"? Who exactly is Huddy referring to here? A Democrat? An anti-Iraq war protestor? In this case, she is referring to none of the above. The comment she references actually is attributed to Republican Senator Chuck Hagel! Because Hagel is now speaking out against the war, he has, according to Fox, joined the other side. This portion of the segment ended here, in order to broadcast virtually the entire Bush speech given in Salt Lake City yesterday. The audience is left with the notion that "stay the course is not a policy" was stated by a Democrat or anti-Iraq war protestor, rather than a member of the Republican party.

When Bush's speech had concluded, Huddy was back along with Hennican and Lowry for analysis of the speech. They both gave very brief opinions on what Bush said, and Lowry finished with: "I think so far, the Democrats have been fairly incoherent on this war. When it seems to be going well, they're in favor of it, when it gets tougher, they tend to be against it."

Comment: At the end of Lowry's statement, there was a modicum of applause given by the audience. Huddy seemed surprised by the response and stated: "You guys are welcome to clap, go ahead!" to which she received absolutely no response from the audience. Only a small amount of the audience responded to Lowry's Democrat bashing, and Huddy attempted to egg it on, which if the roles were reversed, would never have occurred.

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