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What Happened To Traitorgate?

Reported by Nancy - August 19, 2005 -

Today (8/19) on FNL, John Scott anchored the last hour of the program, which was largely devoted to rockets fired at US Navy ships but managed to make room for plenty of the usual Friday fluff -- "killer tornadoes" & "a lonely farmer places a corny appeal for romance" & "Siberian tiger attack" & a woman "trampled to death by buffalo" & not one but two ALERTs for a "huge crane accident in Bethesda, MD." Scott, one of the better on-air presenters at FNC, deserves better than this.

Rather than bore you with the gory details of yet another installment of the mishmash that is FNL, I hope you'll enjoy a more humorous approach to current events -- specifically to one ongoing current event, Traitorgate, which has been curiously absent from FNL (& the media in general) all week,

Here's how Ironic Times is doing its part to keep Traitorgate on the public's radar:

My Turn
by Robert Novak

The highly classified codename of our top military commander in Iraq is "Silverfish," according to my sources at the Pentagon. A White House aide tells me we have thirty-four covert agents in Moscow working for Edgewood Communications, a dummy company set up by the CIA. I've also learned from an agency insider that the secret "drop" point for any tips in the war on terror is a mailbox at the corner of 3rd and Grant in Langley, Virginia.

Due to shifting resources at the NSA, says a little birdie, the port of Long Beach, California will go without advanced satellite surveillance for the entire month of August.

And finally, the Air Force tells me that the launch code for our nuclear missiles is 12Q-144-00689-774.

That's all for now.

(Robert Novak, a syndicated columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, is above the law.)

NOTE TO READERS: Note the category (it's HUMOR) before you rant, & please stay on topic (Traitorgate). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.