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Love Notes

Reported by Nancy - August 18, 2005 -

Every time I post some of our hate mail, someone invariably comments that we shouldn't pick on people who can't type, spell, write or think, because there are people like that in any & all groups. That always struck me as a bogus excuse because, while that may be true as a generalization, it doesn't reflect the reality of how ill-informed (in every way) those who hate really are. So I dug back through our incoming emails for the past 6 weeks & assembled all the complimentary emails we've gotten. I excluded a couple of emails that started with "Love your site" & promptly went on to something else (can we link? will you publish this?). As with the hate mails, these are intact, with only the identifying info (such as name & email address) removed.

Sure, there are typos, grammatical errors & "creative" spelling in both sets. But go ahead & compare the emails below with the email I posted yesterday, & draw your own conclusions. One very stark difference: I don't have to add a warning about vile language in these emails.

Please note also that I had to go back 6 weeks to accumulate a volume of "love notes" similar to the volume of hate mail we get in the course of 2-3 weels. That's a sad commentary on how human beings are more easily motivated by hate & fear.


Subject: Disappointed?
I hate to disappoint you and not write some half brained rant that purely regurgitates the White House talking point of the day like all your other hate emails, but I just had to write to tell you that I love the site and keep up the good work! Liberal Media my ass! -- ***

Subject: just a comment
i just wanted to let you know i love your website, and the email updates.  how you can watch fox as much as you do, and keep enough composure to write about it astounds me.  my blood pressure goes way up whenever i watch it, so i'm glad there are people out there more resilient and determined than i.  anyway, just wanted to send some love mail since no doubt you get way too much hate mail! thanks, **

Subject: why fox exists
Keep up the good work.
You folks probably get a bit of hate mail. Here's one way to look at fox and talk radio and the idiots and psychos they represent and work for----------- http://sexonthewrongbrain.org

Subject: Praise for the Elite 8!
Kudos for this great website.  I am a moderate, relatively open minded democrat- and I watch Fox News constantly, if only to "keep my enemies closer."  It's truly stunning that Fox News has any credibility at all, but hey- they speak for half the country!  Your site does a FANTASTIC job of breaking down their spin- I make sure to consult you everyday during lunch break.  Anyhow, job well done! 
Best, ***

Subject: small comment
While I dont like Fox news and most of its so called reporters set my teeth on edge I think the focus of the site is drifting just a bit. For example going after fox for doing a news alert about bush calling Lance Armstrong just did not feel right nor important enough atleast to me. I thought the idea of the site was to keep an eye on fox and when they are caught being biased like Cavuto and Hannity are was to report it.
Anyway just my 2 cents worth.
Overall you have been doing a very good job for the most part.
Sincerely, *** ***

Subject: Emails from Wackos
Keep up the good work and keep hammering those lying bastards at Fox.  You MUST be right or these clowns wouldn't go off on you like they do.
 Good show, folks
*** ***
***, Virginia *****

"You can train a monkey to wave the American flag. That doesn't make the monkey patriotic."...Scott Ritter, UN Weapons Inspector

*** ***

Subject: thanks
Thanks for the laughs at fox . They truly scare me. I guess I shouldn't let them scare me.  The real people to be afraid of are the idiots who believe fox's hate filled lies. ***

Subject: Thanks!
You guys are doing one hell of a great job! FNC is utterly fraudulent and biased. Keep up the documentation of the abuses.
*** ***, KC, MO

Subject: Thanks
Great work. ***

Subject: Pat on the back
I just want to say thank you!
I love this Blog and have emailed and told all my friends to check it out.
Your Fan

Subject: Great Site Keep up the Good Work
Dear Newshounds. Hi, My name is *** *** and am an 18 yr old boy who studies in the American School in Saudi Arabia. I am an American Citizen and was shocked by 9/11 as any sane human being was. A while later my cable company started to broadcast Fox News. Although I never was intersted in Usa Politics I started to get more intersted on the comencement of The Iraq War so I tuned to Fox News as I felt they might have some Fair and Balanced news. Boy was I ever wrong. Back in Usa last christmas my girlfrend told me about newshounds and i have to say I have been very grateful ever since as I realised that there are American Citizens who are disgusted by Bush and his Neo-Con Agenda. Thanks and keep up the good work ***

Subject: Love ya!
Hello Newshounds staff,
I recently discovered your website, and I am hooked! I love you, I love you, I love you! You have a way of putting into words everything that I have been noticing about Faux News, and then some! First thing I do every morning is check your website. You are ever so informative.
Keep up the good work!
Your fan,
*** ***
***, TX

Subject: bravo!
how do you guys and gals do it? after watching fox news for 10 minutes my blood pressures rises, I sweat, and I grind my teeth in agony! bravo to you brave, brave souls!