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John Gibson says Senators Clinton and McCain are "dating"

Reported by Chrish - August 16, 2005

The "Political Smackdown" segment on The Big Story today centered around Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and John McCain (R-AZ) taking a fact-finding trip to Alaska, to learn about the effects of global warming. Gibson wonders if this bipartisanship is going over well with their respective parties.

Former Congressman Martin Frost (D-TX) and Republican "strategist" Kelly Ann Conway were his guests to discuss the trip and its political implications.

Gibson starts off by saying that the two Senators are "probably" going to be running against each other for President in 2008, yet they appear to be dating, going off to Alaska to look at global warming together, what is up with this? Conway got in a predictable jab at Bill Clinton, saying that if they are dating Mrs. Clinton has "traded up, big-time...I guess she's in search of a bedfellow, strange or otherwise."

Comment: This is disgraceful and childish on international cable. What next, two male (Democrats of course) Senators traveling will be accused of having a gay relationship?

Conway continues, saying that this is good for Clinton's standing and visibility
to "hitch one of her wagons to his star", because McCain is perceived as moderate and is a media darling when it comes to presidential politics. She credits McCain for his bipartisanship and genuine interest in the issue.

Gibson, in giving a question to Frost, says that if Kelley is right, "and she usually is", why would John McCain participate in this and help Hillary raise her profile with moderates?

Frost, put on the defensive, points out that McCain is not the first Republican Hillary has worked with: Frist on healthcare, Graham on issues regarding reservists, and she has been to Iraq earlier this year with McCain.

Gibson gives it back to Conway, asking why would McCain do this when they could very well be on stage debating, "ripping each other's throat out, figuratively speaking"; why would he (McCain) be raising her profile, giving her a hand?

Frost interrupts to say that Clinton's profile can't be raised, it's already high.

Conway says that Clinton is trying to raise her positives, and accuses Frost of trying to do so right here by aligning her (Clinton) with Republicans, and says Clinton is trying to distance herself from the "radical, extremist left wing of the party, that she helped to create by the way." She then goes on a nonsense rant, saying to Frost that she doesn't hear him saying that Hillary is off on a trip to Alaska with John Kerry, or John Edwards, or, ooh, Bill Clinton, or Al Gore "Mr. Environment I invented the Internet I hug trees" so there she is with republicans because you know her negatives are high...'

Comment: HRClinton is on the trip with three Republicans, McCain, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham.

Gibson, thank heavens, overtalks and invites Frost to get in there because the woman is still going on....

Unfortunately, as Frost tries to say that Bill Clinton looks pretty good in these days or high gas prices and deficits, thousands of war dead...Conway continues talking and Gibson overtalks both, ending the segment. Apparently the producers wanted us to know that Madonna fell of a horse today and the whole big story was coming up.

Comment: Conway was allowed to run away with the time allotment and frankly, sounded pretty nuts. It is killing the right that HRClinton is dignified, smart, moderate, and proving that she is at least as able a politician as her husband. It takes two to compromise and they can't rationally give McCain all the credit.

Of course, nothing was said about the findings of the trip to Alaska, like that it's melting and we're in pretty big trouble.

I'll share my favorite Honku:
Alaska's melting.
Hope your Yukon Denali
Doubles as a boat.

Please stay on these topic: bipartisanship, HRClinton/McCain, global warming.

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