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Fox "All-stars" weigh in on Justice Sunday

Reported by Chrish - August 16, 2005

Eight minutes of one-sided coverage
of right-wing Justice Sunday was apparently not enough for Special Report producers 8/15/05. The so-called All-Star panel (Juan Williams, JJeff Birnbaum, and Charles Krauthammer) weighed in too.

Fox's favorite "Democrat", Zell Miller, was literally preaching to the choir to open this segment. He was at the podium in Nashville, with a giant crucufix behind him and two enormous American flags off to the sides. These people are not subtle in their zeal to merge church and state, I'll give them that. Jim Angle said the "inimitable Zell Miller summed it up:"

Miller: "Using psychobabble and the latest foreign fads ,it has removed prayer and the Bible from schools. Each Christmas it kidnaps the baby jesus' halo manger and all from the city square, it has legalized the barbaric killing of unborn babies,
and is ready to discard, like an outdated hula-hoop, the universal institution of marriage between a man and a woman."

Angle says there you have it, a summation of the case against activist judges.

Krauthammer agrees, that liberal judges have controlled the court for half a century and imposed their cultural ideas on the country. He cites (Reverend) Barry Lynn, "of an activist, very secular organization" (like secular is dirty) (he's actually the head of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State), as saying the Republicans already have Congress and the White House and now they want the courts. Krauthammer thinks the courts need to become more "modest".

Birnbaum said it was an expression of an important part of the Republican party, Bush's base, but it was essentially a show.

Williams agreed, it was a show, and intended to scare politiciand with the right's might. He further synopsized the earlier synopsis (see my earlier post) and said he thought the participants were just trying to be heard, as put forth in an earlier clip.

Krauthammer says it wasn't so much about Roberts as it is a warm-up for the next SC nomination and further elevates it, from a show to a revolution.

Again, no voice to point out that the "liberal" rulings of the past decades have not forced the right to have abortions, marry their own sex, stop celebrating their religious holidays or stop practicing their religion, no progressive voice to say that the Court has interpreted the laws as written according to the Constitution.

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