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O'Reilly Desperate To Destroy Sheehan But Fails

Reported by Deborah - August 15, 2005

Tonight Bill O'Reilly was determined to prove that his portrayl of Cindy Sheehan as a "far left" radical intent on embarrassing President Bush was accurate. He devoted three segments to Cindy Sheehans destruction and became increasingly agitated when his guests failed to give him the answers he wanted. While talking to Joe Trippi, O'Reilly said that Sheehan had lied backing down when Trippi condemned the hate rhetoric. The more O'Reilly attacked Cindy Sheehan, the worse he looked himself.8/15/05

During the talking points segment, O'Reilly was quite pleased that the New York Times had printed a retraction to an article that claimed that he had called Sheehan treasonous when he hadn't actually used the word. (He certainly implied it many times)Then Bill added that the NYT must have gotten the erroneous information from a far left website that has been going after him. ( The News Hounds?)

Next Joe Trippi appeared and was introduced as the organizer of the infamous conference call with several blogs including the News Hounds. O'Reilly kept asking Trippi in disbelief if he believed that Sheehan was a "political player" and member of the far left.Trippi was emphatic that Sheehan was independant and exactly what she appears to be. O'Reilly was annoyed, "How can you not believe it?"

O'Reilly tried another angle reading a quote from Sheehan's first meeting with Bush where she said, "I now know that President Bush is sincere. I think he is sorry and feels some pain." Unable to accept the fact that Sheehan's perception of the meeting had changed, O'Reilly claimed she was lying. By this time, he was very agitated.

Trippi went after O'Reilly for using such a charged word since there is so much hate spewing around the net because people in power use words like liar . O'Reilly actually backed down and agreed with Trippi about the word but would not concede the possibility that Cindy Sheehan had been truthful.

Next came the ex husband of Dolores Kesterman who also had a son killed in Iraq and appeared on The Factor last week. During her appearance, it was clear that O'Reilly had wanted her to denounce Sheehan but she supported her instead.

Tonight Dolores Kesterman's ex husband and his wife expressed support for the war and then O'Reilly tried to get them to bad mouth Dolores saying, "You raised Eric.Are you angry with her?" The Kesterman's seemed surprised that he would ask that question and emphatically expressed their understanding and support for Dolores and Cindy Sheehan. Not giving up, he told them that he was dissapointed that Dolores didn't agree with the idea that Eric's death was for a noble cause. The segment ended with Bill O'Reilly looking a little bit worse to his viewers .

Bill's final hope was with Joan Vennochi who he introduced as a classmate from Boston University. O'Reilly went after Vennochi for writing an article about Cinndy Sheehan that didn't mention all her left wing connections. Vennochi sarcastically answered that she had written it before O'Reilly's expose of Sheehan.

Then Vennochi nailed him and his chance for redemption tonight was gone. She advised him to stop wasting time investigating Sheehan and start investigating people like Rumsfeld and Condi Rice.Vennochi added that Bush missed a huge opportunity by not meeting with Sheehan.
That was not what Bill wanted to hear at all.

Comment: So what tactic will O'Reilly use now. His constant whining about Michael Moore and "far left" no longer works. O'Reilly and the other Fox talkers live in this insulated world refusing to believe that the Country is against this war . Michael Moore's movie was a giant hit and most people are not horrified that Cindy writes a diary on Moore's website. Cindy Sheehan has awakened everyone especially the media who have been in a frightened stupor since Bush took office.

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