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Some of Cindy Sheehan's Supporters "Are People Who Support the Insurgents"

Reported by Melanie - August 11, 2005

(And, Shame on Juan Williams)

The subject of Cindy Sheehan came up today (August 11, 2005) for the first time on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Cavuto's guests were Juan Williams, the alleged "liberal" on the panel, from NPR (and a "Fox News Contributor"), and radical Republican John O'Sullivan of The National Interest magazine.

The topic was introduced by Cavuto as being whether or not President Bush can "win," "either way, on this Sheehan situation."

The "liberal" Williams went first, saying, "It's impossible" for Bush to win. There are "lots of questions about his war policy" (Ah, yeah! That's the issue!), but Bush "struck the right tone today in saying he understands her pain." Williams said Bush needs to make a decision about what's "in the best interests of the nation," he can't make a decision "on the basis of one mother's grief." (Juan Williams doesn't get it.)

Cavuto said one aspect of conducting a war is to "galvanize public opinion." He asked O'Sullivan, "Does this Sheehan situation complicate that?" (Cavuto's second reference to the "Sheehan situation." Terri Schiavo was "Terri" and Natalee Holloway is "Natalee." Cindy Sheehan is the "Sheehan situation.")

O'Sullivan said it does complicate it but "I agree with what Juan has just said, in fact, if anything he understates it." O'Sullivan said some of the groups who are "coming in on Mrs. Sheehan's side are people who support the insurgents. In other words, support the people who murdered, killed!, her son." (Hey Williams, will you speak up here, please?!) O'Sullivan said, "Eventually, the so-to-speak, left-wing caravan, will move on."

Trying to appear "fair and balanced," Cavuto reminded O'Sullivan that "one Republican" said, "You know, it wouldn't maybe be a bad idea for you to meet with her." O'Sullivan ignored that but said, "It comes to the question of whether or not a grieving parent is going to decide foreign policy." He said the President has to decide "are we going to win, is this futile?" O'Sullivan said, "on those grounds, yes, the President has got some difficulties" but the "American people are prepared to carry on backing him." (Hey, yo, Williams! Are you there? Time to speak up again: Sixty-One Percent of Americans Disapprove of the Way Pres. Bush is Handling Iraq)

Cavuto said the American people are "just feeling antsy" about this war. He asked Williams if Bush "resolved any of that with his brief presser today." Williams said "No," but the people "don't see that the President has a plan for where we're going in Iraq," that we "lack direction and purpose" and there are "all these questions about why we got into this" (Hey Williams, again, this is the key issue. Elaborate. Highlight it. Bring it to the table!) and Sheehan puts a "personality to the problem."

Comment: This is called, "How to Pretend You're Covering An Issue, but Instead to Bash and Trivialize the 'Enemy," and not to Cover the Issue at All."

(One of Fox's "tricks" is to feature two guests and to thus give the impression it's presenting both sides. However, very, very often, the two guests agree with the conservative position, as happened today. No firm voice of opposition is actually heard. (We have a category for likes of Juan Williams - the "Not-so-Liberal Liberals.") And it works. Judging from our mail, Fox's viewers overwhelmingly believe they are hearing both sides.)

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