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Cindy Sheehan Gets Image Makeover On O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - August 11, 2005

Today George Bush decided to issue a statement about Cindy Sheehan from the safety of his front yard in Crawford instead of riding his dirt bike up the road to meet her face to face. Tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, John Gibson set out to transform Cindy Sheehan's image into someone less likely to draw public support and sympathy.
Now that the story has become real, the Fox Propaganda Machine whirled into action. 8/11/05

First Gibson played the audio from the conference call that the News Hounds and others joined yesterday to hear Cindy Sheehan. Gibson played a clip of Sheehan explaining why she would not go on O'Reillys show calling him an "obscenity to humanity"

Then Ira Stoll, editor of the conservative New York Sun, came on and the real fun got started.

Gibson claimed that Sheehan was " in league" with extreme groups like Code Pink and United for Peace and Justice. Then he referred to a ridiculous poll claiming that 67% agreed that the attacks on our troops were legitimate acting as if that actually meant that people were for the war.

Gibson lamented that Sheehan blamed Bush for her son's death and Stoll chimed in on cue, "Iraqi's killed her son."

Then Gibson went back to the subversive groups that had swallowed Cindy Sheehan. He repeated that he had 8 on his list but had trouble articulating them. Once again Fenton Communications was named along with MoveOn, Veterans for Peace. Maybe the names on Gibsons list like, Goldstar Moms For Peace, sounded too appropriate. He asked his expert guest what kind of agenda these groups had besides bashing Bush.

Stoll with a tone of authority claimed that these groups oppose any military involvement anywhere and want us to be isolationists. He added that these are the same people that threw rocks in Seattle and want Socialism.

Gibson came up with a real eye popper claiming that Cindy Sheehan's home in California is very close to Berkley where "a lot of those WTO protesters" come from.

Stoll opined that Cindy Sheehan was probably chosen because she is "more appealing than someone with a nose ring and a ponytail."
Then Stoll demonstrated his conservative sensitivity with the following line.
" I think on a deep level she probably wants her son back."

comment: So now Cindy Sheehan is no longer portrayed as a woman of strength and conviction exercising her rights as a U.S. citizen. Now she is a person recruited by the extreme left to deliver their evil and anti-american message and maybe, since she lives in California, she has always been part of the subversive rock throwing groups with pony tails and nose rings.

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