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O'Reilly : Cindy Sheehan Controlled By Far Left Elements

Reported by Deborah - August 10, 2005

Cindy Sheehan decided not to appear on The Factor tonight so Bill O'Reilly predictably attacked her again. This time, he painted Sheehan as a victim of "far left elements" who are exploiting her for their own purposes. O'Reilly announced with a sneer that Cindy claimed that she would not appear on his show because he had lied about her last night.

Acting as if that was a ridiculous notion, O'Reilly began another smear of Cindy Sheehan. However, his plans were ruined by Dolores Kesterson, another grieving Mother and brave patriot.8/10/05

Using his all knowing and tolerant tone, O'Reilly claimed that he supports Cindy Sheehan's right to express dissent. Then he bashed Maureen Dowd for glorifying Sheehan in her column today. The Baltimore Sun also got a knock for praising Sheehan, prompting Bill to dismiss it as an anti Bush paper.

Bill was especially ticked that Cindy Sheehan was "using" the Michael Moore website acting as if that was a shocking and subversive thing to do. Prompting him to ask his viewers,
"If you were Mr. Bush, would you meet with Cindy Sheehan."

Then O'Reilly introduced Dolores Kesterton who did not bend or back down throughout the interview. Her son Eric died in Iraq and had been an unwavering supporter of the administration. Kesterson claimed that she had been against going into Iraq because she believed we should have finished the job in Afghanistan.Although O'Reilly tried to intimidate her into saying that Eric had died for a noble cause, Dolores would not give an inch.

Kesterson went on to describe the meeting she had with Bush after her son's death. She requested time alone with him and was granted three minutes in a tiny cubicle. According to Kesterson, Bush marched in and "was in my face"
"I'm George Bush, President of the United States and I understand that you have something to say to me in private."
Kesterson was not impressed with the meeting claiming that Bush did not seem to care.

At this point O'Reilly decided to use the lecture/soliloquy technique.
Using his fatherly tone he told Dolores that he respected her opinion but didn't want to see her used like Cindy Sheehan.
"I think Cindy Sheehan is being used by far left elements who object to our way of life. Everyone knows. Hillary Clinton knows"

Kesterson firmly objected to the notion of being used and O'Reilly started to get steamed attacking Michael Moore and the Fenton Group who writes Cindy's press releases. Fenton Communications is a very well established PR firm and O'Reilly's attack on them was nonsense.

Then he peppered her with a string of bizarre questions.

"Do you believe that we're a bad country and evil country?"
"Do you have Michael Moore's view of the U.S.?"
"If you had to choose, would you go with President Bush or Michael Moore?"

Dolores Kesterson without a moments hestitation gave her answer.
" Michael Moore has not killed thousands."

comment: O'Reilly your days are numbered because this country has had it and we're not buying your propaganda anymore. Dolores Kesterman was magnificent tonight. I applaud you and Cindy Sheehan who I hope has a comfortable and dry place to sleep tonight.

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